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Birdcare Kids Seed Mix 1kg

Enjoy hours of pleasure watching a variety of birds come and go with this bird seed mix. This seed mix contains a mixture of quality ingredients such as oil rich sunflower seeds. It?s suitable for use in seed feeders, on bird tables and to scatter on the ground and will attract a wide…  More Info

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Rose Tower Playhouse

The Rose Tower playhouse is ideal for inspiring your kids to get out in the garden and enjoying active play! Strong, sturdy and safe! Suitable for domestic use only. The Rose Tower Playhouse is a great little garden building for your kids to have fun and enjoy the outdoors!…  More Info

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Hideaway Playhouse

…by the baddies. The small and long windows are perfect for kids that want to take aim at their enemies with water guns and foam dart blasters. Suitable for domestic use only. This Waltons Hideout Wooden Playhouse is the perfect place for kids to hide away and pounce…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Sweet Colossus'

…Better still, these jaw-dropping fruits are deliciously sweet and flavoursome. Perfect for fruit salads or enjoyed freshly picked from the plant. Kids will love these massive fruits! Height: 20cm (8). Spread 30cm (12). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Glen Ample' (Summer fruiting)

…perfect for delicious summer deserts, or just washed and eaten fresh from the bush. The canes are thornless, making it a safe choice for families, so kids can help pick the fruit. All of our raspberries have been inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture for pests and…  More Info

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Rose Playhouse

This Rose playhouse features a spacious play area, perfect for kids to play in the garden. Suitable for domestic use only. The 5ft x 5ft Honeypot Rose Playhouse is a great way to give your kids their own space in the garden and have fun with friends. The Rose is made from…  More Info

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Garden Gear Memory Foam Kneeler

…kneeler is extremely versatile and its possible uses extend well beyond gardening; it is ideal for picnics, outdoor activities, playing with the kids and DIY. It can also be used as a seat cushion or bath kneeler and will effectively reduce pain experienced when kneeling on…  More Info

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Corner Style Playhouse

…plenty of light to get in, providing a fresh and bright interior that the kids will love spending time in. Suitable for domestic use only. If you?re looking for a fun environment that is guaranteed to be a big hit with the kids, then you will love this Waltons 5 x 5…  More Info

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6x6 Rocket Playhouse

…Playhouse provides children with the opportunity to let their imaginations visit a place out of this world. A raised platform inside allows the kids to take command of the bridge when leading a space mission. Suitable for domestic use only. Households looking for something…  More Info

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3 x 5 Waltons Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed

…gardens of all sizes, patios and terraces, this small garden shed offers a secure space to store away gardening tools, outdoor accessories and the kids toys. The walls of this wooden shed are made from 12mm tongue and groove cladding and are supported by strong 1? x 1?…  More Info

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Rose Tower Playhouse & Slide

…place of their own in the garden! Suitable for domestic use only. The Rose Tower Playhouse with Slide is a great addition to your home, giving your kids their own private garden getaway! The playhouse comes complete with roofing felt and all fixtures and fittings. This means…  More Info

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