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Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet'

This low growing Juniper makes excellent, weed suppressing ground cover for rockeries and borders, or grown as an individual specimen plant. The low, sweeping branches are cloaked in aromatic, evergreen foliage, extending to 1.5m (5?) with maturity. Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet' is easy to grow,…  More Info

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Juniperus chinensis 'Blaauw'

…placed on a patio or decking, until it is slightly larger and can then be planted out. It can adapt well to dry, sunny sites. As with all types of Junipers it is slow growing to begin with, but once mature will last for many years with no pruning or maintenance required. Height: 120cm (4'). Spread:…  More Info

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Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Alps'

…or part of an evergreen backdrop. This slow-growing Chinese Juniper can also be used in the rockery, and needs hardly any maintenance. The foliage and the small fruits are aromatic, smelling a little like gin. A few sprigs of juniper used to light the fire or barbeque, can create a rich and spicy…  More Info

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Armeria caespitosa

Armeria caespitosa is a compact thrift forming a dense cushion of fine, evergreen foliage, which in late spring becomes smothered with pale pink flowers held in clusters on short stems. This charming juniper-leaved thrift makes a lovely addition to rockeries, gravel gardens, alpine troughs and…  More Info

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Juniperus pfitzeriana 'White Splash'

…adorned with creamy white splashes. With its dense evergreen foliage, it makes a rewarding and low-maintenance shrub for year-round interest, providing excellent groundcover, even in poor, dry soils. Junipers are easy to grow and need little attention once established. Height and spread: 2m (6.5ft).  More Info

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Juniperus scopulorum 'Blue Arrow'

With a fresh Juniper scent, and an upright, thin habit, this architectural conifer is a great choice for the front garden, or as a conifer within a large rockery. It can also be used within a formal garden, for example, planted in pairs along the length of a path. The evergreen foliage is an…  More Info

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Juniperus pfitzeriana 'Gold Star'

A fast-growing, dwarf, spreading conifer, Juniperus pfitzeriana 'Gold Star' is extremely useful for clothing difficult sites such as dry, shady slopes and for providing weed-suppressing ground cover. Its arching branches are clothed in scaley, bright golden-yellow leaves. During the winter, and if…  More Info

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