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Helleborus Frostkiss Collection

…They also make charming patio plants for winter containers. Height and Spread: 60cm (24”). Hellebore Frostkiss Collection comprises 3 x Jumbo Plugs which include one of each of the following varieties:* Helleborus Frostkiss ‘Glenda’s Gloss’ …  More Info

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Geranium Cloud Collection

…two rewarding varieties which will quickly fill gaps in mixed borders or provide colourful ground cover. Geranium ?Cloud? Collection comprises 2 jumbo plugs, 1 of each of the following varieties: '* Geranium ?Storm Cloud? - a beautiful new hardy geranium. Forms a…  More Info

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Courgette Twin Pack

…courgette varieties, one yellow-fruited and one green-fruited providing a bumper courgette harvest this summer. Courgette Twin Pack comprises 6 Jumbo Plugs, 3 of each of the following varieties:* Courgette ‘Golden Glory’ F1 - a spineless courgette bearing…  More Info

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Saxifraga Dancing Pixies Collection

…perfect seasonal gift for plant lovers. Height and Spread: 15-25cm (6” to 10”). Saxifraga Dancing Pixies Collection comprises 3 x jumbo plugs, one of each of the following varieties:* Saxifraga Dancing Pixies ‘Thea’ – starry, pure white…  More Info

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