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Daffodil jonquilla 'Pueblo'

Exceptionally pretty, this Jonquil Daffodil makes a fabulous spring display. Each stem is crowded with sprays of palest yellow blooms, each with a delicate lemon cup. Daffodil jonquilla 'Pueblo' is gently fragrant and makes a fine cut flower. A lovely variety for spring borders, rockeries, troughs…  More Info

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Daffodil jonquilla 'Pipit'

An exquisite Jonquil Daffodil with particularly unusual colouring. Pale trumpets are surrounded by a halo of darker gold petals. These beauties are lightly scented too! Daffodil jonquilla 'Pipit' are ideal for dotting throughout rockeries of planting in large groups, at the front of borders. They…  More Info

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Daffodil jonquilla 'Sundisc'

Almost cartoon-like, these unusual Jonquil Daffodils have a peculiar flattened appearance. The fragrant blooms of Daffodil jonquilla 'Sundisc' are borne, several per stem, in April. This neat little Daffodil is relatively short, with fine,and makes a charming addition to the garden. grassy foliage.…  More Info

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Daffodil Jonquilla Collection

A cheery and fragrant collection of dainty Jonquil Daffodils! Each stem boasts a cluster of perfumed blooms. Daffodil Jonquilla Collection combines a charming mix of different flower forms and colours - mix them together in generous groups to produce a truly breathtaking spring display. Height: 30cm…  More Info

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