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Lychnis chalcedonica

This stiff, upright perennial makes quite a show! Clusters of scarlet star-shaped flowers perch upon tall, stiff stems throughout midsummer, bringing height and vibrancy to the back of sunny borders. Lychnis chalcedonica enjoys a damp, boggy environment and makes a fine addition to bog gardens and…  More Info

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Lychnis chalcedonica

Lychnis chalcedonica is a stiff and upright perennial and a real show stopper! Commonly known as Maltese Cross, the clusters of scarlet star-shaped flowers top tall, upright stems during midsummer, bringing height and interest to the back of a sunny border. Lychnis chalcedonica thrives in a damp,…  More Info

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Jerusalem Artichoke 'Papas' (Gourmet roots)

Jerusalem Artichoke ‘Papas’: With reddish-purple skin, these knobbly, nutty tubers are one of the most rewarding vegetable crops. A close relative of sunflowers, tubers are produced in abundance and can be roasted, baked, or sautéed. Simply cut the stems down when they have been…  More Info

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