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Jasmine 'Clotted Cream'

…this deciduous climber in summer. Its twining stems just love to climb and will quickly cover fences, trellis or tree stumps. We recommend growing jasmine in sunny borders or containers near doors and windows to fully appreciate its wonderful fragrance. Height: 180cm (6').…  More Info

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Scented Climber Collection

…display. Sweetly scented Jasmine and Honesuckle are easy to grow, thriving in most reliably moist, well drained soils, where they prefer a sunny spot with space to roam. Height: up to 1200cm (472). Spread: up to 300cm (118). * Collection comprises: * Jasminum officinale   More Info

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Bumper Garden Pack

…Dreams'(7cm pot)* 1 x Jasminum officinale 'Clotted Cream'(35mm Plug Plant)* 1 x Jasminum x stephanense(35mm Plug Plant)* 1 x Buddleja 'Butterfly Gold' (9cm Pot)* 1 x Jasminum officinale(35mm Plug Plant)* 1 x Honeysuckle 'Serotina'(35mm Plug Plant)* 1 x Jasmine  More Info

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Climber Collection

…officinale ?Clotted Cream? - Masses of creamy-yellow, star shaped flowers adorn this twining deciduous climber.* Jasminum x stephanense - Pink, star shaped blooms fragrance the air in midsummer with their distinctive, sweet perfume.* Jasminum officinale - The twining stems…  More Info

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