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Mighty Dripper

…each plant time to absorb and make use of the water, without the risk of wastage. This irrigation system comes with a large 10.5 litre water bag that holds over 2 gallons of water, five metres of irrigation tube that can be cut to your individual requirements and six…  More Info

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Watering Irrigation Kit

A comprehensive micro-irrigation kit which is ideal for your garden or patio. This kit comes complete with 20 drippers that will water up to 22 pots or baskets. It also includes 23 metres of tubing and all fittings.  More Info

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Watering Irrigation Kit

This handy drip irrigation kit is a 'must have' on the patio! Our 71 piece watering system combines everything you need to create a time-saving network of pipes that will deliver water straight to your plants with just a quick turn of your outdoor tap. What's more, it will save you…  More Info

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24 Cell Windowsill Greenhouse

…germination. The cells are the perfect size for sowing large or quick growing seed such as pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, calendula, marigolds and plenty more! Each kit comprises two coir 12 cell trays (24 cells in total), a plastic drip tray for catching irrigation water,…  More Info

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Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract

…potential. Throughout the growing season, further applications will equip your plants with better resistance to insect and fungal attack, and improved tolerance to environmental stresses. It?s easy to apply with irrigation water, or as a root drench or foliar spray. Full…  More Info

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