Ipomoea Plants

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Morning Glory 'Kniolas Black Night'

An abundance of very attractive purple - black flowers with cerise throats, covering this very vigorous climber. Ideal planted in a sunny situation, up trellis or left to ramble amongst other climbers or shrubs. Climbs to 180-240cm (6-8ft). Useful Links: How to sow flower seeds…  More Info

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Top Class Colour Themed Collection

…a beautifully coordinated variety of colours and textures. All you need to do is plant up when it arrives and away you go. It turns a 35cm (14?) basket into a stunning colourful ball. Collection contains: Ipomoea ?Sweet Caroline Purple?, Verbena Vepita ?Dark Magenta?…  More Info

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Morning Glory 'Split Second Double'

…climbers for creating a screen of summer colour. The unusual blooms of Ipomoea ?Split Second Double? take the genus to another level. Tassled and fancy, this fabulous Morning Glory vine looks most unlike traditional Ipomoea plants you may be familiar with!…  More Info

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Morning Glory 'Hazelwood Blues'

…mixture of Ipomoea Hazelwood Blues brings together some of the most attractive shades of blue available in Morning Glories. This is a truly vigorous annual climber, ideal for covering fences, trellis or an ornamental garden arch. Ipomoea Hazelwood Blues will also look…  More Info

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Mina lobata

…stunning bright red and as they mature they go from red to orange, orange to yellow and from yellow to white and all are out at the same time. A plant positively loaded with flowers is an impressive sight. Climbs to 120-180cm (4-6ft). Useful Links: How to sow flower seeds…  More Info

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Morning Glory 'Mini Sky Blue'

…getting too large, yet its fast growing nature means it will quickly scramble up a support and provide a wonderful summer of colour. This versatile plant is useful in a multitude of spaces - grow it outside or in a conservatory, it?s a perfect choice for growing in a patio…  More Info

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Sweet Potato 'Tatakoto' (Treasure Island Series)

…of ivy-shaped, dark green leaves with prominent purple veins, which can be harvested as a tasty salad crop. The ornamental foliage makes this a fine patio plant, until early autumn when the plants can be lifted to harvest the purple-skinned, orange-fleshed tubers.…  More Info

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Sunkissed Colour Themed Collection

…is to open the package, plant up and away you go. One collection will transform a 35cm (14?) basket into an eye-catching ball of colour! Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 45cm (18). Collection Contains: Calibrachoa ?Superbells Pomegranate Punch?, Petunia Mango Madness? and   More Info

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Sweet Potato 'Tahiti' (Treasure Island Series)

…the innovative Treasure Island Series, bred for both flavoursome crops and ornamental qualities. The attractive foliage makes this a fine patio plant, with leaves which can also be harvested as tasty salad leaves. By early autumn, the dark purple tubers of Sweet Potato …  More Info

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