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Indoor House Plants

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Scandi Houseplant Collection

plants around your home include increased humidity and purified airBrighten your home with this collection of scandi inspired house plants - which will include a lucky dip mix of 3 varieties. Each collection will include 3 potted houseplants, varieties may…  More Info

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Garden Life Hedgehog House

…subjected to changes to temperature and humidity (i.e. moving the hedgehog house from outdoors to indoors). The wood needs to be treated with water-based preservative, but only on the outside. On no account should the hedgehog house be creosoted or treated with…  More Info

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Serenity Toadstool House Water Feature

…toadstool house water feature from Serenity. It will look perfect hidden amongst shrubbery or flower beds, or standing alone as a garden focal point. With its two-metre-long outdoor power cord, it can be placed in the perfect spot and with its size could be used indoors<…  More Info

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Serenity Fairy Tree House Water Feature

…Serenity. It will look perfect hidden amongst shrubbery or flower beds, or standing alone as a garden focal point and with its size could be used indoors or out. Self-Contained The water feature is self-contained, making it great for all those who do not have a mains water…  More Info

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Pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla)

…The pitchers lure insects to the nectar offered within each vase, but once inside the insect becomes trapped, and is slowly digested by the plant. This intriguing house plant makes a fascinating specimen for a cool conservatory, frost free porch, or bright room…  More Info

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Variegated Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum Variegatum)

house plant and one of the best known, instantly recognisable indoor plants there are. Spider Plants are easy to keep and will soon grown their long strap like leaves that arch gently over it top of its pot or basket. Chlorophytum comosum …  More Info

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Indian Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica Robusta)

A well know house plant, instantly recognisable for its leathery, glossy, evergreen leaves. Indian Rubber Plants are reliable, undemanding and easy to grow. This popular plant enjopy a sunny position but copes well with shade, making it useful for those darker…  More Info

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Monstera deliciosa (House Plant)

…effect and giving it the common name of Swiss Cheese Plant. This climbing plant is best trained on to a moss pole. It will produce aerial roots which will take moisture from the atmosphere as it grows. Monstera deliciosa is a majestic house plant that…  More Info

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Hibiscus rosa

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Adonicus White' makes a fabulous house plant. The glossy evergreen foliage cloaks its stems all year round. In summer, large tropical looking blooms appear; bright white with a raspberry pink centre. This shrubby indoor plant is perfect…  More Info

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Hibiscus Trio

These tender Hibiscus are perfect for creating a colourful focal point in your home! These handsome house plants boast large, tropical looking flowers and glossy, evergreen foliage. Position them in a warm, bright room or a frost free conservatory for an exotic display.…  More Info

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Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina Kinky)

…this evergreen house plant will always make an attractive addition to the corner of any brightly lit room. The variegated foliage has a glossy sheen to it and with a gently weeping habit too, giving the plant a naturally pleasant, eye-pleasing shape. Over time,…  More Info

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Hibiscus Adonicus Duo Collection

Bring a tropical feel to the conservatory or a warm, bright room with this showy house plant duo. The exotic blooms are set against a backdrop of glossy, green leaves that remain evergreen. This Hibiscus duo is perfect for creating a stunning focal point on a bright…  More Info

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