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Fern Mix (House Plant)

Ferns look great indoors, and this Fern collection is a fabulous way to add some of these wonderful plants to your home. With beautiful fronds, they work well planted as group, to create a focal point, or individually in different rooms. They thrive in well lit areas,…  More Info

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Asparagus setaceus (House Plant)

…this graceful Asparagus Fern! The slender stems are shrouded in the finest foliage that gives it a soft, fluffy appearance, but take care as they can develop thorns over time. Asparagus setaceus is instantly alluring, adding a calm and restful feel to any brightly-lit   More Info

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Lova Diversifolium (Lava plant) On Wooden Tray x 1

Microsorum is a creeping fern, native to Australia and New Zealand. The glossy fronds emerge from spreading, hairy rhizhomes. Grown upon porous Lava Rock, this Kangaroo Fern absorbs water and nutrients directly from the stone. It?s exposed roots and handsome wavy fronds make…  More Info

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Mini Jungle Mix in Decorative Croco Pots

…or 5 different varieties with contrasting shapes, colours and textures. As this is a lucky dip collection, your order may include (but is not limited to) any of the following varieties and will be chosen upon the picking of your order: Asparagus fern Bamboo Palm Heart   More Info

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Humata tyermannii

…beautiful fern that makes an elegant houseplant for a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Delicate, deeply dissected dark green fronds are held on wiry stems above the rhizome, whose tactile furry 'feet' curl intriguingly over the side of the pot. Perfect for the bathroom…  More Info

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House Plants Hanging Mixed

…fail. Humata tyermannii - lovely fern with lacey, deep green foliage elegantly held on long airy stems. Below are hairy silver rhizomes which curl over the pot like furry feet, hence its common names of White Rabbit’s Foot and Bear’s Paw Fern. Maximum…  More Info

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