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Incredibloom Compost

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This new premium, reduced-peat, multi-purpose compost combines the benefits of a professional grade compost with the excellent plant-boosting qualities of incredibloom' to promote strong flower, foliage and root growth. Mix with incredibloom' when planting up…  More Info

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Incredibloom® Fertiliser

…more flowers and foliage that is healthy and vigorous. Just add to your compost when you are potting up your plants and your plants will be looking fabulous all season long - great value! N:P:K - 14-5-19 + (2MgO+22S03) with micro nutrients. Useful links: How to use…  More Info

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…the water and gradually start to expand. * After 10 minutes, break compost up to a fine texture with your hands.* Coir itself doesn?t contain many nutrients. We recommend adding a controlled release fertiliser such as incredibloom or incredicrop to create the perfect…  More Info

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