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Dracaena sanderiana 'Lucky Bamboo'

…Traditionally given as a good luck gift, this unusual houseplant is a doddle to grow, making it perfect for beginners. Plants can be grown ‘hydroponically’ – without any compost. Simply fill the bowl with water and refresh it every few weeks. Whilst Feng shui enthusiasts claim that…  More Info

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Monstera adansonii in kingston vase

…this handsome Monstera adansonii. Just pop the plant into the beautiful glass vase, top up with rainwater and watch the roots grow. This unusual hydroponic growing method is becoming the latest houseplant trend and makes for a fascinating and unusual centrepiece. A relative of the familiar Swiss…  More Info

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Anthurium Aqua in Sierglass (House Plant)

…twining roots. It is perfect for a focal point with the striking glossy green leaves, pink blooms, and root display. In high demand too with the hydroponic house plant trend! They are easy to care for also, when it arrives all that is required is to unbox and add some water and you are good to go.…  More Info

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Hydroponic Collection Trio

An unusual and intriguing way to grow houseplants, this Hydroponic Collection Trio are housed in decorative glass tubes which expose the developing roots to view. No need for compost, just feed and water. Available singly in a 12cm glass vase or as a trio of harmonising varieties (Syngonium, Clusia…  More Info

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Hydroponic Collection in Turin Glass

If you’re looking for a neat, houseplant display with the minimum of fuss or mess – go hydroponic! This soil-less arrangement is a clean and tidy way of displaying plants on a tabletop or shelf that is easy to look after and less attractive to pests than potted plants. This stylish…  More Info

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Hydroponic Collection on Display Stand

Hydroponic houseplants are the hottest trend in indoor gardening, and it’s easy to see why. There’s no messy soil, no issues with over or underwatering and far fewer problems with pests. These stylish displays spotlight foliage shapes and textures, whilst offering the fascinating…  More Info

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Hydroponic Cutting in Glass + Black Metal Stand with Light

Light up your living room with this neat hydroponic plant display! It features a decorative glass bottle and stand with an integral LED light. Sleek and modern, it makes a lovely accessory for a tabletop, windowsill or shelf. Hydroponic houseplants are dirt-free and hygienic – no messy soil is…  More Info

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Grow Media Coir Mix 70/30

…mix of 70% coir and 30% perlite with a small amount of clay pebbles. It contains rich, organic plant based bio-stimulants and amino acids. There is perfect mix of macro and mirco nutrients which helps improves germination and root growth. It is ideal for hydroponic growing as it increases aeration.  More Info

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