How To Prune Clematis

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Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty'

…from December to February that fade to pure white as winter passes and sparkle against the lush green foliage until spring. This beautiful variety is easy to maintain as it requires virtually no pruning. Height: 4m (13'). Spread: 1.2m (4'). Supplied in…  More Info

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Clematis 'Advent Bells'

to January. Each flower is creamy white with the inside heavily speckled with red. This strong growing winter Clematis is perfect for training up walls and fences, or growing over an obelisk on the patio. Height: 5m (15?). Spread: 3m (10?). Pruning group: 1.…  More Info

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Clematis 'Mikelite'

…in addition to training up a trellis, a pergola or even scrambling through other garden plants in the borders. How about teaming it with a climbing pink rose or a yellow-flowering Clematis? 'Mikelite' is very easy to grow and maintain. Height: 2.5m (8' 2…  More Info

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Clematis napaulensis

…and needs very little maintenance. Grow it through a deciduous shrub or alongside another climber to cover its bare stems in summer. Height: 3m (118) or more, depending on growing conditions and maturity. Spread: 1.5m (59). Pruning group: 1. Supplied in a 7cm pot.…  More Info

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Clematis montana 'Mayleen'

…stems are smothered in delicate satin pink blooms, set against an attractive backdrop of stunning bronze foliage. Clematis montana 'Mayleen' is easy to grow and needs virtually no pruning. Height: 10m (32'). Spread: 3m (10'). Pruning group: 1. Supplied…  More Info

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Clematis x aromatica

…species will quickly cover walls and fences, and can be pruned to almost ground level each year, making maintenance extremely easy! Height: 2.5m (8'). Spread: 90cm (36). Supplied in a 7cm pot. Pruning group 3. Try growing in our new Tower Pot? for a superb…  More Info

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Clematis All Season Climbing Collection

…floral showpieces. See how quickly the open buds develop into sumptious, multiple layered flowers. Easy to grow in beds and pots. Height 200cm (79). Spread 100cm (39). Pruning group 3.* Clematis x aromatica - This graceful 'scrambler' bears strongly…  More Info

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