How To Pot Up Hanging Baskets

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Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed'

…relied upon to continue producing its bright, weather-resistant blooms throughout the summer and into early autumn. With little maintenance they will reward you with large, showy flowers in mixed colours including red, orange, pink, yellow and white. Use them in hanging<…  More Info

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House Plant Urban Jungle Collection (House Plant)

…contrasting foliage and how easy they are to care for. * Urban Jungle Collection comprises 1 plant each of:* Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum' - Milky white and lime green variegated, strap-like foliage arches with a tumbling effect. Ideal for an indoor hanging  More Info

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…for seed sowing, potting on young plants or planting up hanging baskets. How to mix incredicoir:* Open the plastic bag and stand it upright in a bucket of water. * Add 5 litres of water and leave it soak for 10 minutes. * The coir block…  More Info

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