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Hot Spring Colour Themed Collection

Hot springs is the newest additions to the amazingly popular range of colour themed, premixed collections for creating a stunning hanging basket display. Each collection holds 6 plugs, premixed ready to simply unpack and plant up as soon as it arrives. One collection will…  More Info

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Silene caroliniana 'Hot Pink'

…blooms of Silene caroliniana 'Hot Pink'! Known as Sticky Catchfly or Wild Pink in its native home of North America, where this low, clump-forming perennial thrives on the well-drained soils of rocky outcrops. The nectar rich flowers are borne in profusion in late spring<…  More Info

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Armeria maritima 'Alba'

…tufts of narrow, grass-like leaves and lots of pom-pom white flowers on slender stems from late spring to summer. Well adapted to hot, dry conditions, Thrift is perfect for edging the front of hot sunny borders, rock gardens or patio containers, where the…  More Info

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Aubrieta cultorum 'Cascade Purple'

spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses and cyclamen. With a spreading, mat-forming habit, this evergeen perennial is superb for rock gardens, spilling over sunny banks, patio containers or as a ground cover plant in hot dry borders. Aubretia flowers are…  More Info

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Spinach PV1390 'Red Veined'

…Excellent as a baby leaf for salad use, when picked around 35 days from a spring sowing. The leaf veining becomes more pronounced as the plants mature into large leaves. Good downy mildew resistance, but water regularly in hot spells to prevent bolting. Optimum sowing…  More Info

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Acanthus spinosus

…leaves and equally impressive flower spikes of purple and white, which appear in late spring and summer. Native to the Mediterranean, Acanthus spinosus is incredibly drought tolerant once established - perfect for hot dry borders! Bear's Breeches make excellent cut…  More Info

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Arabis caucasica 'Pixie Cream'

…of grey-green foliage, completely smothered in small cream flowers in spring. Also known as Rock Cress, this sweetly scented alpine plant is perfect for rock gardens, wall crevices, containers or grown as groundcover in hot sunny borders. Drought tolerant once…  More Info

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Scandi Houseplant Collection

…is required to prevent blemishes, misting is a good way to achieve this as well as helping to keep the leaves dust free. Regular feeding during spring and summer is recommended. You don't need to feed in Winter or feed newly re-potted plants. Water well and then wait for the…  More Info

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Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun'

Enjoy the vibrant flowers of Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun' from late spring. These boldly coloured Blanket flowers are drought tolerant, thriving in hot, dry summers and coastal positions as well as cooler conditions - so you can be sure of a superb display whatever the weather.…  More Info

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