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Callistemon viminalis 'Hot Pink'

Ideal for a sheltered corner outdoors, Callistemon viminalis 'Hot Pink' produces fascinating bottle-brush-like flowers in early summer in an eye-catching shade of bright pink. Brilliant as a specimen plant on the patio, this small evergreen shrub also makes a striking…  More Info

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Salvia 'Hot Lips'

Well suited to both traditional and modern planting schemes,'Salvia 'Hot Lips', adds height and interest to garden borders, or it can be planted in patio plant pots. It has unique, bi-coloured flowers, that are'cerise pink and white. The flowers are rich in nectar and can…  More Info

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Hydrangea aspera 'Hot Chocolate'

…shrub which will flower right through summer, producing pretty blooms up to 30cm (12) across. The showy flowers have violet-blue hearts and soft pink outer florets, and contrast wonderfully with the rich chocolate foliage. These unusual leaves produce a second display in…  More Info

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Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Beauty'

…fruticosa 'Pink Beauty' is an easy to grow hardy deciduous shrub that loves hot, sunny positions and is drought tolerant. This Shrubby Cinquefoil makes a pretty hedge if planted in a row, or can be planted in a pot in courtyard or roof top gardens. Its five petal, cup…  More Info

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Weigela florida 'Midnight Wine'

Weigela florida 'Midnight Wine' bears exquisite, tubular hot pink flowers during May and June, which ideally contrast with the captivating burgundy foliage. At just 45cm (18) tall, this dwarf deciduous shrub makes a superb focal point at the front of a sunny border. Thanks to…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Gardenetta Raspberry'

Like many types of dahlia, Dahlia 'Gardenetta Raspberry' has flowers with a beautiful, geometric structure. The petals of this variety are hot pink, making it a great addition to a vibrant planting scheme. It is well suited to a wide range of garden styles from cottage to…  More Info

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Spiraea japonica 'Double Play Gold'

Spiraea japonica 'Double Play Gold? is an eye-catching, deciduous shrub with hot pink flowers. Orange-pink growth at the top of each stem is a pretty accent to the bright yellow foliage. Loved by butterflies, this compact Spirea is a vibrant choice for the wildlife garden,…  More Info

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Celosia 'Kelos Atomic'

Add an exotic feel to the garden with Celosia ?Kelos Atomic?. This new introduction brings a blast of colour with its feathery, hot pink flower spikes. The vibrant blooms won?t fade in bright sunlight, and last from summer right through to autumn. This compact variety forms a…  More Info

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Stunning Summer Perennial Collection

Turn up the heat this summer and every summer by filling them with our Stunning Summer Perennial Collection! By combining shades of red, yellow, hot pink and even maroon, you?ll soon be feeling the warmth not only from the sun but from the blaze of colour from your floral…  More Info

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Poppy 'Fruit Punch'

…mix of eye-catching blooms with silky ruffled petals which stand tall above dark green clumps of foliage. You can expect flowers in shades of red, hot pink, plum and orange with each bloom hosting a deep black centre. As the flowers fade and the petals drop a new…  More Info

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Petunia 'Trailing Surfinia Mixed'

…flower power! * Collection comprises: * Petunia Surfinia' 'Purple' * Petunia Surfinia' 'Blood Red'* Petunia Surfinia' 'Blue' * Petunia Surfinia' 'Hot Pink'* Petunia Surfinia' 'White' Please note: savings shown are based on cost of buying individual varieties…  More Info

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Linaria purpurea 'Cannon J Went'

A pretty, slender herbaceous perennial with elegant spires of small pink, snapdragon-like flowers. In bloom from June to September, Linaria purpurea 'Cannon J Went' is highly attractive to bees and butterflies and is also excellent for cutting. Commonly known as Toadflax, this…  More Info

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Miscanthus 'Purpurascens'

…magnificent above clumps of narrow, green, arching foliage. The stately flower spikes of Miscanthus 'Purpurascens' are most numerous following a long hot summer. This hardy perennial is easy to grow and needs very little maintenance. The attractive seed heads also make…  More Info

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Armeria maritima 'Alba'

pink naturally grows in coastal areas, making it perfect for coastal gardens. Armeria maritima 'Alba' is a white form of this small evergreen perennial, producing tufts of narrow, grass-like leaves and lots of pom-pom white flowers on slender stems from late spring to summer…  More Info

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Hibiscus Collection

…Mallow enjoys a long, hot summer to produce the most stunning flowers. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 2m (6',5). * Collection comprises: * Hibiscus syriacus 'Mint Cream' - Elegant white* Hibiscus syriacus 'Sugared Almonds' - Mauve blue* Hibiscus syriacus 'Turkish Delight' -…  More Info

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Osteospermum 'Tresco Purple' (Hardy)

Bold pink daisy flowers open every morning to greet the sun. Versatile and resilient, hardy Osteospermum 'Tresco Purple' will thrive in hot, dry, neglected conditions and yet is one of the longest-flowering plants in the garden! Expect vibrant summer colour and weed…  More Info

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Mandevilla sanderi 'Bloom Bells®' Trio

hot sunny position - ideal for the patio, greenhouse or conservatory. Grow them in large containers that can be moved indoors to offer winter protection. Height: 1.8m (6'). Spread: 50cm (20).* Collection comprises:* Mandevilla 'Sundaville Red' - Glowing crimson blooms.*…  More Info

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Osteospermum Hardy Collection

…coloured cousins, sporting clean, white petals with a golden yellow eye.* Osteospermum 'Tresco Purple' - Bold pink daisy flowers open every morning to greet the sun. * Osteospermum jucundum var. compactum - Irrepressibly cheerful, bright pink daisy flowers smother…  More Info

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Spectacular Perennials Collection

…Fountains' - Compact spires reaching only 1 metre tall. Height: 100cm.* Echinacea 'Nectar Pink' - In a beautiful shade of rose-pink. Height: 70cm.* Eryngium 'Blue Hobbit' - A useful plant for coastal areas and hot, dry sites. Height: 90cm.* Gaura lindheimeri 'Sparkle…  More Info

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