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…followed by large green, cone-like flowers or ?hops? in mid to late summer, which fade to a straw colour. A unique cover for walls, fences or pergolas, hops are herbaceous perennials so will die back over winter and re-grow vigorously in the spring. Hop flowers also make attractive cut flowers,…  More Info

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Humulus lupulus 'Nordbrau'

…climbing plant that provides rapid cover in sun or semi shade, featuring bright green leaves and a crop of large green, attractive hops from mid to late summer. The hop cones fade to straw colour and stems can be used for indoor displays. Height: 4m (13ft). Spread: 2.5m (8.2ft). Plant height and…  More Info

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Briza Media

…semi-evergreen, blue-green leaves which burst forth with fine stems from which dangle numerous, purple-tinted flowerheads. Looking like miniature hops, these tiny flowerheads bob and quiver in the breeze, creating a shimmering haze in the sunlight – a habit which has earned it a host of…  More Info

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