Hollys Beauty Fuchsia

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Giant-Flowered Fuchsia Collection

This gorgeous Fuchsia Giant-Flowered Collection comprises of ?Deep Purple?, Swingtime?, 'Voodoo?, ?Holly?s Beauty? and ?Peachy? varieties, all of which have large, exotic flowers, up to 10cm (4in) across. They grow on long trailing stems, making these plants perfect…  More Info

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Fuchsia Saver Collection

…Trailing Mixed' - Swingtime, Southgate, Dark Eyes, La Campanella and Marinka.* Fuchsia Sparkling Giant Collection - Seventh Heaven, White King, Quasar, Marbeller?, Double Pink-Blush and Gillian Althea. * Fuchsia Giant Flowered Collection - Deep Purple, Swingtime,…  More Info

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