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Hollyhock 'Chater's Double Mixed' (Large Plant)

Hollyhocks are heirloom cottage garden perennials, well-loved for saucer-shaped blooms that attract butterflies and make a dramatic cut flower. Hollyhock 'Chater's Double Mixed' delivers architectural spires of ruffled, doubled blooms, which add height and structure to summer…  More Info

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Magnificent spires of bloom in a riot of carnival colours! This cottage garden favourite is perfect for adding height and stately grandeur to the back of summer borders. This popular hardy perennial is also highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Height: 2m (78). Spread: 60cm (24).…  More Info

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Hollyhock 'Nigra'

Towering stems of extraordinary maroon-black, satiny flowers with pale, contrasting eyes. Hollyhock ?Nigra? is real attention grabber with its dramatic stature and dark blooms that make sensational cut flowers. This well-loved cottage garden perennial is ideal for adding splendour…  More Info

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Hollyhock rosea 'Pleniflora'

…perennial, Hollyhock rosea 'Pleniflora' produces fully double, pink pom-pom blooms all the way up its impressive 1.8m (6') tall stems. The tall, slender habit of Hollyhocks makes them perfect for planting in close groups for maximum effect. Thriving in sunny…  More Info

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Hollyhock 'Cr'me de Cassis'

Hollyhock 'Cr'me de Cassis' is a particularly mouth-watering variety, bearing veined flowers in juicy blackcurrant that fade to paler berry shades around the edges. Each vertical stem bears an attractive mixture of double, semi double and single blooms. As well as being a cottage…  More Info

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Hollyhock 'Halo Mixed' (Seeds)

Hollyhocks are a traditional feature of cottage garden borders and 'Halo Mixed' adds height and colour, with tall stems, almost 2 metres (6ft 6) high, full of bi-coloured flowers, with shades of pink, purple, white, red and yellow. Once planted, they will flower the following…  More Info

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Heavenly Hollyhock Collection

…magnificent display, bringing height and structure to the back of cottage garden borders. Height: 180cm (71). Spread: 60cm (24).Collection comprises 1 plant each of:* Alcea rosea ?Chaters White?* Alcea rosea ?Chaters Violet?* Alcea rosea ?Chaters Scarlet?* Alcea rosea …  More Info

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Hyacinth Hollyhock & Anemone Blanda Mix

The perfect mix for cottage garden borders! This cheery blend of pink Hyacinth and Anemone blanda create a delightful spring display. Uniform planting schemes of the same colour or species can look contrived, but this charming blend brings a relaxed, informality to the garden. The…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…herbaceous border. Easy to grow, and returning year after year, they will get bigger and better over time. Collection comprises 4 bare root plants each of: Hollyhock 'Chater's Doubles', Eryngium alpinum (Sea Holly), Liatris spicata, Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii …  More Info

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Lupin 'Tutti Frutti'™

Alongside Hollyhocks and Foxgloves, Lupins are a garden plant that gives height and colour to garden borders, and is a popular option for gardeners aiming to create a cottage garden style border. The unique feature of the Lupin is that the flowers grow closely together,…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…they multiply from year to year. Supplied as bare root plants. Collection comprises: • Sea Holly • Lupin • Red Hot Poker • Gypsophila rosea • Cone Flower • Liatris • Delphinium • Aquilegia • Hollyhock • Chinese Lantern…  More Info

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Delphinium 'Flamenco'

…stunning high impact colour block, or mix them amongst your other tall-growing delphiniums, foxgloves, hollyhocks and lupins, for a great border showcase. These vibrantly coloured blooms are also suitable for a cut flower display. Supplied as large plug plants. Height…  More Info

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Hibiscus syriacus 'Pillar Collection'

…blooms. Throughout summer the lobed, bright green foliage makes an attractive backdrop for summer flowering perennials. By august, when other plants are fading, Hibiscus syriacus takes centre stage. Their flamboyant blooms and tropical colours bring valuable late summer…  More Info

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Hibiscus syriacus 'Purple Pillar'

…This hardy deciduous shrub is undemanding and easy to grow. The glossy, lobed foliage makes an attractive backdrop for its tropical blooms which appear from august, bringing late summer colour to the garden when many other plants are ?running out of steam?. Height: 2m (79).…  More Info

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Lavatera 'Barnsley'

…more desirable cottage garden plants than Lavatera ?Barnsley'. Its mass of pink, silky flowers from June to September give it the appearance of a branching Hollyhock. Your fellow gardeners will admire your Lavatera, as will the butterflies and bees! This lovely   More Info

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Summer Border Perennial Collection

plants are exceptional value for money and will get bigger and better each year, filling your garden with colour as well as attracting bees and butterflies. The collection includes favourites such as: achillea, ajuga, buddleja, delosperma, delphinium, euphorbia, leucanthemum…  More Info

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Ultimate Perennial Collection

…These reliable hardy plants will return year after year to bring an explosion of colour and texture to your summer garden. This superb collection combines 10 varieties of well loved perennial favourites that are perfect for mixed borders and cottage garden planting  More Info

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