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Heritage Tomato

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Tomato 'Craigella' - Heritage

Cordon. A heritage selection of 'Ailsa Craig', with a similarly renowned flavour. The round, deep red fruits are non-greenback (free of darker green shoulders) and around 5cm (2) diameter. Grow these indeterminate plants as cordons either under glass or outdoors, to produce heavy crops with a very…  More Info

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Tomato 'Gigantomo'® F1 Hybrid

This colossal beefsteak tomato is the largest new variety on the market. Gigantomo marries the much-loved flavour of heritage varieties with the inbuilt vigour and disease-resistance of modern cultivars, making it the must-have tomato of 2016. Plants are disease resistant, strong and productive.…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Tomatoes

…super sweet tomatoes from just one plant, Voted by gardeners as the sweetest tomato ever.* Tomato 'Mountain Magic' - Cordon variety. Ideal for greehouse or a sunny spot outdoors. Combines the rich flavour of a heritage variety with modern F1 hybrid blight resistance. * Tomato 'Gardener's Delight'…  More Info

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Tomato 'Bellandine'

Cordon Tomato ‘Bellandine’ is a long, plum tomato also known as ‘Horn of the Andes’ due to its Andean heritage. The pinkish fruit is about 18cm long and 180-200g in weight. It has very few seeds and makes an excellent fleshy salad tomato or an ingredient for tomato sauces. A…  More Info

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Sweet Pepper 'Gogorez' F1 (Grafted)

Sweet Pepper ‘Gogorez’ F1 bears deep red, fleshy peppers 4-6cm long and 9-12cm wide which are shaped like a heritage beefsteak tomato, making them great for stuffing. This F1 variety displays hybrid vigour with strong roots and branches and is free fruiting. Height: 90cm (36”).…  More Info

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