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This hardy perennial herb has sweet smelling, aromatic foliage which is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Try it sprinkling oregano on lamb or pork before cooking. Oregano, also known as Pot Marjoram makes a useful and low maintenance addition to the herb garden.…  More Info

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Chalk Board Herb Gift Set

…growing your own herb garden from the comfort of your own home. You?ll be able to grab the herbs you need whilst cooking, in the knowledge that you?ve grown them yourself. The kit includes:* 1x wooden herb planter and chalk* 4x peat growing plugs* 4x zinc   More Info

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Basil 'Lettuce Leaf'

…edged leaves, it has the same great flavour and soft texture. Sow successively indoors for a year-round harvest or grow it outdoors in the herb garden or in pots through the summer months. The large leaves pack a fantastic, aromatic flavour which can be used in all…  More Info

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Oregano 'Hot and Spicy'

…dishes with this full hardy and easy to grow herb. It will produce an abundance of aromatic foliage ready for use from the spring into the late summer months. White flowers will appear in mid-summer meaning it will add some delicate beauty to the herb garden too.…  More Info

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Coriander (Start-A-Garden™ Range)

A quick, easy to grow herb with pungent leaves cropping in only 6 weeks. Essential for adding to curries, salsa and a host of hot and spicy dishes, as well as injecting life into cool salads. A decorative herb for the border, thanks to its finely cut foliage, or as a pot<…  More Info

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Golden Feverfew

This hardy, semi evergreen medicinal herb bears attractive, lobed, golden foliage and pretty white daisy flowers throughout summer. The flowers of Golden Feverfew can be dried and added to pot pourri for an aromatic fragrance. With its bright golden foliage and compact habit,…  More Info

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Thyme 'Doone Valley'

…blooms in the summer. This variety of thyme is a must have for the herb garden. It is popular for roasts, stews, sauces, and marinades. Plant up in a position where it can get full sun in soil which is well-drained. It is ideal for pots, borders, or beds. Height 10cm …  More Info

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Three-tier Highbury Folding Metal Plant Stand

…Folding Metal Plant Stand Display your plants in style with this three-tier folding metal plant stand from Garden Grow. Perfect for displaying plants, pots and a variety of other things, this stand features a spiral-pattered frame with wire shelving. Constructed from high…  More Info

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Rosemary 'Corsican'

…culinary herb and is perfect for casseroles, lamb dishes, soups and more. Along with its highly aromatic foliage, Rosemary also makes an attractive and hardy evergreen shrub. Height: 90cm (36”). Spread: 60cm (24”). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we…  More Info

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Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'

…long period, attractive evergreen foliage, and provision of a valuable culinary herb for adding flavour to a wide range of dishes. This hardy evergreen shrub is perfect for sunny borders, gravel gardens and large pots, adding an aromatic Mediterranean touch! If a…  More Info

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Thyme 'Silver Posie'

Thyme ‘Silver Posie’ is a lovely ornamental form of this versatile culinary herb. The tiny, aromatic, grey-green leaves have white margins and form creeping mats of foliage which provide excellent ground cover for rockeries, walls and border edges. In late spring to…  More Info

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Mint 'Moroccan'

…well-loved herb. It does not grow as vigorously as some of the others which makes it perfect for growing in pots or hanging baskets. The leaves have a light strawberry undertone making it especially lovely in a cool sparkling summers day drink. It is likely that two…  More Info

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