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Hellebore Mixed

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Hellebore 'Breeder's Mix'

These beautiful hellebores have intriguing, patterns, flecks and ruffles and come in a wide range of colours including greens, blacks, yellows, apricots, reds and many other shades. The flowers appear in late winter and early spring to brighten up the garden, and the leathery, evergreen foliage…  More Info

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Hellebore x hybridus 'Mixed' (Lenten Rose)

Cup shaped flowers, some plain and others freckled, are borne in elegant shades of white, pink, red and purple. The graceful blooms and dark leathery foliage of Helleborus orientalis make a stunning addition to shady borders and winter containers that will delight you year after year. Size one…  More Info

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Hellebore 'Winter Flowering Hybrid Mix Improved'

This mixture of species and hybrids boasts a range of flower and leaf types, even appearing through snow. Flower shades can vary from lime-green, through white, appleblossom pink, to dark maroon, either spotted, speckled or plain. Foliage is mid to dark green, leathery with different degrees of…  More Info

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Helleborus Lenten Beauty Mix

Brighten up even the coldest days in the garden with Hellebore ‘Lenten Beauty Mix’, a delightful selection of pink, purple, cream and yellow hellebores, some plain and some beautifully speckled or edged in a contrasting colour. Equally happy in borders or pots, this hardy Lenten Rose…  More Info

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Helleborus Frostkiss Collection

The Frostkiss series of hellebores are distinguished by their gorgeous, marbled foliage which almost rivals the blooms in beauty and gives these late winter flowerers all year round interest and appeal. The leathery, deep green leaves boast fine cream marbling which is flushed with lovely pink tones…  More Info

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