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Erica x darleyensis 'Darley Dale'

…x darleyensis 'Darley Dale'. This evergreen shrub is neat, compact and offers superb ground cover. Bearing its beautiful blooms from early winter through to mid-spring, this Heather finds itself at home In almost any type of soil and every border or container. Height: 30cm …  More Info

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Ericaceous Compost

…ensata) Lily of The Valley (Convallaria majalis) Shrubs Amelanchier lamarkii Azalea Camelia Enkinathus Fothergilla Gardenia Gaultheria Hamamelis Heather (Erica / Calluna) Hydrangea (to create blue blooms) Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) Leucothoe Pieris Physocarpus…  More Info

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Chempak® Ericaceous Fertiliser

Soluble plant food for rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, camellias, most heathers and conifers, pieris and other acid-loving plants. Directions for use: Chempak Ericaceous Fertiliser is a multifunctional product providing essential trace elements unavailable in high pH soils and…  More Info

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Ericaceous Wool Compost

Melcourt SylvaGrow Ericaceous Compost is a professional quality, RHS-endorsed peat-free compost for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, heathers and blueberries. SylvaGrow ericaceous compost is a unique blend of fine bark (a by-product of sustainably managed British…  More Info

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Chempak® Low Nitrogen Feed

…for plant growth, providing the right nutrition at the right time. Chempak Low Nitrogen Feed No 8 is a fully soluble lower nitrogen plant food for mature growth. A summer fertiliser for heathers, conifers and other plants. Also useful for building up vegetables. Useful links…  More Info

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