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Hawthorn Hedging

Hawthorn hedging is perfect for security hedging, the dense growth and thorny stems will deter most intruders, including unwanted larger animals and once established it will create a virtually inpenetrable barrier. Not only is Hawthorn an impressive boundary hedging plant, it also bears masses of…  More Info

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Native Hedging Collection (Silver Birch, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Oak)

A collection of five different species that will combine to form a hedge that you would expect to find in the anywhere in the British countryside. Recreate a natural boundary to your garden that will look wonderful and also be a haven for wildlife throughout the year. Combining stunning floral…  More Info

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Crataegus grignonensis

…pale undersides. Leaves remain on the tree for a long time, often until December and in mild winters, it is semi-evergreen. Unlike the common hawthorn, the branches are almost thornless. In May and June, it is smothered in spring blossom, consisting of umbels of small white flowers which fade to…  More Info

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Crataegus monogyna (Hedging)

This striking Tender Shrub boasts oversized, rigid, silky looking leaves which really catch your eye when the light reflects off them. Philodendron 'Imperial Red' has deep red foliage that transforms to a rust-green as it matures. As well as adding some interesting architecture to your home it will…  More Info

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