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Hardy Palm

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Phoenix Palm

…position over winter. In mild areas the Canary date palm may be grown in sheltered borders outdoors where it will tolerate temperatures down to -8'C (18'F). Height: 1.5m (5') when restricted in containers. If grown naturally in borders this palm can reach 5m (16') height and 3m (10') spread.…  More Info

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Chamaerops humilis

…trunk from which bursts a crown of evergreen, spiky leaves. This elegant Fan Palm is an especially dwarf species, and its Mediterranean style makes it a fabulous specimen for a conservatory or patio. Mature plants are hardy but young specimens should be protected over winter. Height: 200cm (78).…  More Info

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Mahonia 'Soft Caress'

…Caress' is a valuable plant for late season colour, and adds an exotic touch to the garden with its slender palm-like foliage. Grow this splendid hardy shrub in borders or patio containers for year-round interest. The flowers are also very attractive to bees. Height and spread: 1.2m (4'). Supplied…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Red Sensation'

Cordyline ?Red Sensation? makes the perfect focal point for coastal gardens or hot, sunny courtyards. As the years go by, the dense clump of sword-shaped foliage gradually rises upon a bare woody stem, to create a tall, tree-like appearance. The evergreen leaves are dark bronze, contrasting…  More Info

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Cladanthus arabicus 'Golden Crown'

An easy to grow annual, perfect as a filler, where the rich gold will weave through your border. The ferny foliage of Cladanthus Golden Crown gives rise to many golden discs, and each new stem radiates from the edge of the faded flower in a most unusual fashion. Prefers an ordinary, well drained…  More Info

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Cordyline Trio

These cabbage palms instantly create an exotic statement with their vibrant, spiky evergreen foliage. We’ve brought together three of the best varieties with dazzling foliage colours in pink/olive, cream/green and deep bronze-red. These resilient, low-maintenance plants retain their vivid…  More Info

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Cordyline australis 'Lime Passion'

Cordyline australis ‘Lime Passion’ forms a punky hairdo of stripy lime and cream variegated foliage that lends an exotic feel to gardens, borders and pots. Cordyline’s are great for adding some dynamic spiky accents to planting schemes and breaking up the monotony of mounding…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Sundance'

An upright cordyline offering rich green foliage with a defining pink stripe running down to a pink base. The evergreen sword-like foliage makes this a superb architectural shrub for containers, or a focal point in a courtyard garden. Cordylines are also well-known for their ability to withstand the…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Southern Splendour'

…as container grown or border specimens and combine well with vibrantly coloured perennials. These low maintenance, evergreen shrubs are perfectly hardy in milder parts of the UK and are a popular choice in coastal gardens as they tolerate salt air, dry soils, and exposed sites. Height: 4 metres…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Red Star'

Introduce low maintenance Cordyline ?Red Star? into your planting schemes and enjoy effortless year-round colour and structure. This resilient evergreen shrub makes a fantastic focal point throughout the year, eventually growing tall, woody stems topped with deep red palm-like leaves. The deep red…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Torbay Red'

Cordyline ‘Torbay Red’ is an RHS award-winning variety with magnificent deep bronze-red foliage. It makes an excellent centrepiece for a container display or border scheme. The rich foliage colour provides an effective backdrop to vivid bedding whilst its spiky shape creates…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Charlie Boy'

…focal points as container grown or border specimens and combine well with vibrantly coloured perennials. This resilient evergreen is perfectly hardy in milder parts of the UK and is a particularly popular choice in coastal gardens for its tolerance to sea air, dry soils, and exposed sites. Height:…  More Info

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Trachycarpus fortunei

One of the hardiest palms available to the home gardener, Trachycarpus Fortunei or the Chinese Windmill Plant, will tolerate cool, wet summers and cold winters, making it an ideal choice for British gardens. This striking, evergreen fan palm forms a truly eye-catching feature in a large container on…  More Info

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Hellebore 'Carnaval'

Freckled pink double blooms with elegant pointed petals make for an eye-catching show during the early season. Hellebore ?Carnaval' is easy to grow and low maintenance, thriving in most conditions including sun or partial shade, but it?s happiest in a dappled shade position where it?ll blend in…  More Info

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Cordyline australis

…contrast nicely with the dark green leaves. This dramatic, evergreen tree is perfectly hardy in milder parts of the UK, making a fine feature plant for courtyard gardens and exotic planting schemes. The Cabbage Palm is a common feature of seaside landscapes, tolerating salt-laden winds with ease.…  More Info

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Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano'

…undersides that catch the eye. This is a slow growing, dwarf Fan Palm with a particularly compact habit, making it ideal for smaller spaces or as a majestic conservatory plant. With maturity Chamaerops humilis is surprisingly hardy outdoors, but will appreciate some winter protection while young.…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Superstar'

…bringing colour and structure to planting schemes. Cordyline ?Superstar? is a strong growing evergreen shrub, and despite its exotic looks, it remains hardy to -8C (17F). Plant it in borders as a colourful focal point, or grow it in metallic patio pots for a modern, architectural display. Height and…  More Info

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