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Strawberry 'Malling Centenary'

It?s true?you?ll start to pick freshly home grown strawberries from your own plants in just 60 days. We?ll send you plants that are ready to burst into life within just a few days after delivery. Strawberry 'Malling Centenary' is a main season variety chosen for…  More Info

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Strawberry Support Frame

There?s no need to use messy straw around your strawberry plants anymore! Our strawberry plant support frames will raise your crops off the ground to keep them clean and unblemished. Increased air circulation reduces the risk of plant rot and fungal…  More Info

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Strawberry Full Season Collection

…sweet, juicy strawberries from early June through to November. Cropping periods can also be brought forward or extended if you are growing them in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Collection comprises: Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite' - The enduring popularity of   More Info

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Salvia 'Strawberry Lake'

…that decorate the dark stems throughout summer. The nectar rich flowers of Salvia xxxxx are a magnet for pollinating insects, making this a useful plant for a wildlife area too. Grow this half hardy Sage in a container that can be moved to a frost free position during winter…  More Info

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Grow Your Own Bumper Pack

…a packet of incredicrop to give your plants the best possible start! Grow Your Own Bumper Pack comprises: * 10 x bare root plants Strawberry 'Elsanta' * 3 x bare root canes Raspberry 'Glen Ample' * 1 x bare root cane Blackcurrant 'Big Ben' * 1 x 9cm potted   More Info

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