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Wall Bracket

A sturdy, black wall bracket, ideal for your hanging baskets; includes all necessary fixings. Height: 25cm x Depth: 36cm  More Info

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Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station (without feeders)

Multi-purpose - 3 hanging brackets complete with mesh feeding tray and water dish Attracts wild birds - Perfect for enticing tits, woodpeckers, finches and house sparrows Easy to assemble - The pieces simply slot together for convenient construction Traditional design -…  More Info

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Kingfisher Deluxe Bird Feeding Station with Feeders

Multi-purpose - 5 hanging brackets complete with seed feeder, suet ball feeder, nut feeder, suet cake feeder, mesh feeding dish and water dish Tits, woodpeckers and more - Attract a wide variety of both common and lesser seen wild birds Easy to assemble - The pieces simply…  More Info

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