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Bird Feeder Sanitiser

This product leaves surfaces hygienically clean and sanitised. It is ideal for use on bird tables, feeders, bowls, seed hangers or complete feeding stations. A perfect aid to keeping feathered visitors in good health. This product is also suitable for all types of water tables,…  More Info

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Kingfisher Hanging Mealworm Bird Feeder With Plastic Canopy

Handle and hanger - The feeder is designed with a built-in handle that doubles up as a hanger Easy to open lid - Comes with a lift-up canopy for easy and convenient filling Wild bird variety - Perfect for attracting a selection of tits, robins and and even pied wagtails…  More Info

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Kingfisher Pewter Effect Lantern Seed Feeder

Lantern style hanger - The feeder has a built-in handle allowing you to hang it up Low maintenance - Comes with an easy to open lid for convenient filling and cleaning Attracts wild birds - Perfect for enticing tits, woodpeckers, finches and house sparrows Versatile - 'Perfect for…  More Info

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Balcony Planter

When space is at a premium, these sturdy planters are the easy way to add a splash of colour. Designed with built in hangers, they are easy to install on balconies, garden railings, fences and handrails. Even without a garden, you can create a dazzling display. Each planter is made…  More Info

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