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Chilean Guava 'KA-POW'

Chilean Guava 'KA-POW' is a fruiting shrub which will explode your taste buds! Bred in the UK and named by James Wong, this berrying shrub is totally unique, bursting with strawberry, spice, mint and bubble-gum flavours. Not only will it delight you with its wonderful fruit, but it is also an…  More Info

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Myrtus ugni 'Flambeau'

A handsome evergreen with attractive foliage and pretty flowers that holds a secret surprise! Myrtus ugni ‘Flambeau’ forms a slow-growing, dense, rounded shrub with leathery, pointed leaves, variegated cream, green and pink. The foliage is wonderfully fragrant when crushed. In late…  More Info

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Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'

This striking shrub makes a superb focal point for year-round interest. Its leathery, evergreen foliage and peeling cinnamon brown bark form a superb backdrop for the clusters of small, white urn-shaped flowers in autumn. The dainty blooms give way to scarlet red fruits that only fully ripen in the…  More Info

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