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Grafted Cucumber

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Cucumber 'Carmen' F1 Hybrid (Grafted)

…from 50 to 100 per plant, and have a mild flavour with no bitter after taste. This climbing RHS AGM variety is easy to train in the greenhouse and its fruits are excellent for exhibition. Height: 3m (9'). Spread: 45cm (18). Supplied as peat free plugs/9cm pots. Useful links: How to grow cucumbers?  More Info

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Cucumber Grafted Duo

Get ahead with this duo of grafted cucumber plants. These plugs have been grafted onto vigorous rootstocks giving them a distinct advantage over seed grown crops. Cucumbers need a long growing season but equipped with strong, grafted roots they will romp away and enjoy improved resistance to…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Vegetable Collection

…'Giggles'* Cucumber 'Ayda'* Sweet 'Potato Murasaki 29'* Cucumber Grafted Socrates * Yacon Inka 'Red Gourmet Roots'* Cucumber 'Merlin* Celeriac 'Brilliant'* Courgette (Patio) 'Sure Thing'* Strawberry 'Frisan'* Artichoke 'Purple Globe'* Botanical Infusions 'Aztec Sweet Herb Colada'* Aubergine Grafted  More Info

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Cucumber 'Mini Stars' F1 Hybrid (Grafted)

Cucumber 'Mini Stars' F1 Hybrid produces snack size cucumbers that are great for packed lunches and summer BBQs. It can be grown either in a greenhouse, or outdoors, in a vegetable garden, or as part of a container garden, on a patio or decking area. The mini cucumbers are best harvested at 10cm (4)…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Cucumber

…Choice Cucumbers are chosen at random from some of our best varieties but may include:* Cucumber ‘Ayda’ (Peat Free) - Greenhouse type. All-female variety bearing prolific crops of seedless and bitter-free, 9cm-long cucumbers.* Cucumber ‘Baby Rocky’ (Grafted) –…  More Info

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