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Aubergine 'Scorpio' F1 Hybrid (Grafted)

…than the normal. It is easy to grow and is quite a heavy cropping variety all through the to the autumn. Aubergines are filled with fibre and are gorgeous grilled or fried. This grafted variety will offer top quality, shiny and deep rich purple aubergines.  More Info

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Aubergine 'Emerald Isle' (Grafted)

Something a little different to add to your aubergine harvest! Aubergine ?Emerald Isle? produces plump, oval fruit which are an unusual pale green colour with darker veining. The fruits are small but plentiful and should be harvested when they are about 35mm in diameter.…  More Info

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Aubergine 'Meatball' (Grafted) - Peat Free

Aubergine ‘Meatball’ really is the meatiest of aubergines. Large, globe-shaped fruit up to 13cm across with very dense flesh which only have a few seeds making the flavour sweeter than other varieties. Aubergine ‘Meatball’ combines the very best…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Vegetable Collection

…'Potato Murasaki 29'* Cucumber Grafted Socrates * Yacon Inka 'Red Gourmet Roots'* Cucumber 'Merlin* Celeriac 'Brilliant'* Courgette (Patio) 'Sure Thing'* Strawberry 'Frisan'* Artichoke 'Purple Globe'* Botanical Infusions 'Aztec Sweet Herb Colada'* Aubergine Grafted…  More Info

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