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Gooseberry 'Invicta'

gooseberries stay firm and retain their shape when cooked, making them excellent for making pies, crumble and jams. Height and spread: 120cm (48). Our established 2 year old bareroot plants are supplied ready pruned, that once planted will quickly establish.…  More Info

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Gooseberry 'Xenia'

…variety of gooseberry, that looks great in pies, and crumbles. It has great mildew resistance and has almost thorn free stems, making harvesting the fruit safe and fast. The fruit is ready to be harvested at the end of June. Height and spread: 120cm (48). Estimated time to…  More Info

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Gooseberry Collection

…summer. Gooseberries are perfect for desserts such as crumbles, and can also be used to make jam. Our established 2 year old bareroot plants are supplied ready pruned. Collection comprises 1 bush each of: Gooseberry 'Captivator' - Gorgeous, red, smooth-skinned…  More Info

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Gooseberry 'Hinnonmaki Yellow'

…year old bareroot plants are supplied ready pruned. Estimated time to cropping once planted: 4-8 months. Estimated time to best yields: 28-32 months (16-20 months for 3l potted plant). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size…  More Info

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Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii

Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii, also known as Cape Gooseberry, is a highly unusual and exotic looking plant that provides garden interest throughout the seasons. In midsummer the plant is covered in small creamy-white flowers that contrast with the oval green…  More Info

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5-a-day Fruit and Vegetable Collection

…root canes, 3 Gooseberry 'Invicta' bare root bushes, 1 x 9cm potted Blueberry 'Bluecrop' plant, 1 x 9cm Blueberry 'Elliot' plant, '10+ of lucky dip vegetable seeds (at least 3 different varieties and 2 x 100g incredicrop fertiliser. Strawberry 'Elsanta' The…  More Info

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Kiwi 'Issai'

…it perfect for the smaller garden where there is only room for one plant. An attractive climber with mid-green foliage and clusters of deliciously fragrant small white flowers in summer. The oval fruits can be harvested in September. Height: 6m (20') Spread: 4m (13'). Pot…  More Info

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