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Gaura 'Baby Butterfly Dark Pink'

…for its neat, compact habit, Gaura 'Baby Butterfly Dark Pink' reaches just 20cm (10) high. This dwarf Gaura is perfect for patio pots, or filling in gaps at the front of borders. It is also perfect for attracting pollinating insects and is useful in wildlife areas.   More Info

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Gaura lindheimeri

The slender, arching stems of Gaura lindheimeri are tipped with panicles of rosy pink buds, which open to reveal white flowers. This dazzling perennial holds an RHS AGM - and it?s easy to see why! It?s an elegant species in bloom over an incredibly long period, from June right…  More Info

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Gaura lindheimeri Siskiyou Pink

The fluttering, butterfly-like flowers of Gaura ‘Siskiyou Pink’ are a joy from midsummer to late autumn. The four-petalled, rosy-pink flowers are held on graceful stems which ripple in the breeze. This drought tolerant plant is wonderfully versatile: it associates…  More Info

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