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Solar Led Parasol

…the installed rechargeable batteries to light up your garden at night. The canopy measures 270cm when fully opened and the height of the parasol, from tip to ground, is 245cm. The canopy is made of durable 160 GMS polyester fabric, the umbrella is even shower proof,…  More Info

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Umbrella Bamboo

Umbrella Bamboo. Fargesia murieliae has a wonderfully exotic, tropical appearance. But don't be deceived! It's so easy to grow. The Umbrella Bamboo is resistant to wind and performs well in both sun or shade, making it the perfect solution for filling difficult or…  More Info

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Bamboo 'Asian Wonder'

…wonderful new type of ?umbrella bamboo?. This clump-forming Fargesia produces green canes that mature to crimson after 3 to 5 years establishment - don?t be afraid to remove some of the lower leaves to show them off! Easy to grow, and an ideal choice for an interesting   More Info

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