Garden Ready Wallflowers

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Wallflower 'Sugar Rush' Mix

wallflower, in flower within 8 weeks of planting! This rainbow colour mix has hybrid vigour and an intoxicating sweet fragrance, and is perfect for crisp, autumn days. Jazz up your autumn borders and pots with something a bit different this year! Height and spread: 30cm (12)…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Winter Bedding

…extensive range includes pansies, wallflowers, stocks, Sweet Williams and much more. We will send you at least 2 different varieties for the 30 pack and 3 for the 60 pack. Supplied as garden ready plants. The Nurseryman?s Choice pack will include 15 garden<…  More Info

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Garden Ready Autumn Collection

…and scent when much of the garden is dormant. Versatile and undemanding, wallflowers are tough enough to cope in even the poorest soils. Flowers: Mar-May, Oct-Nov. Height and spread: 30cm (12). Garden Ready Plants – Our garden ready  More Info

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