Garden Cloches

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Garden Grow Pop-Up Cloche

Garden Grow Pop-Up Cloche Extend the growing season and keep delicate plants protected from all weather conditions and insects with this pop-up garden cloche from Garden Grow. Great for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or flowerbeds from adverse…  More Info

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Bell Cloche

…against slugs, snails and other pests. It's a handy thing to have in your veg garden, or at your allotment. The cloche has an adjustable air vent to help control the temperature and humidity inside the cloche, to ensure optimal growing conditions for your…  More Info

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Garden Grow Garden Cloche

…with this garden cloche from Garden Grow. Great for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or flower beds from adverse weather, primarily the cold and wet. Lift and transplant fragile plants into the cloche for protection from frosts through the winter…  More Info

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Mini Greenhouse Cloche

…pests with these robust garden cloches. Easy to set up, the thick, rigid walls provide protection for seedlings and young plants, whilst the integral rainwater collection reservoirs mean that plants can also enjoy natural rainwater. The cloche set comes with 1 …  More Info

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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

…hybrid changes all that, making a superb hardy ?Garden Cactus? that can survive short periods as low as -7C (45F). Echinopsis hybrid (Chamaelobivia group) makes a real talking point in well drained rockeries, alpine troughs and gravel gardens. These clump forming…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Little Gem' (Cos)

…Gem' is one of the earliest varieties to mature, producing small compact plants which are packed with a crisp, sweet heart. This RHS Award of Garden Merit cultivar grows well under cloches and also has excellent root aphid resistance making it a gardener's  More Info

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Broad Bean 'The Sutton'

…beans, which are excellent for freezing. Broad Bean 'The Sutton' is ideal for successional sowings in spring, or can be sown under cloches in autumn for particularly early crops. The neat compact plants are ideal for small gardens or growing in containers. Height:…  More Info

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…including vitamin C and iron. Although usually grown commercially in water it can be grown in the garden soil provided it is given plenty of water and will crop from early summer till around Christmas if protected with cloches etc. You can also grow it in a container…  More Info

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