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Nurseryman's Choice Container Mix

…easy way with our Nurseryman's Choice Container Mix! This great value mix contains a selection of different annual bedding plants which are perfectly suited to growing in containers. We will choose a variety from customer favourites such as Fuchsias, Salvia,…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Trailing Mixed'

…planters and window boxes, Fuchsias can be hard to beat. Fuchsia 'Trailing Mixed' is a collection of 5 different varieties of Fuchsia, that all have the classic sepals, frilly petals and long, exotic looking stamens, that this plant is renowned for. The …  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Lady Thumb' (Hardy)

Fuchsia 'Lady Thumb' is a neat, compact hardy fuchsia for patio pots, rockeries or mixed perennial borders. The classic flowers are pink and white, and produced in profusion from June and on into the summer. Fuchsias will grow very well in sun or part shade, and…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Hardy Potted Collection'

…addition to mixed borders, cottage gardens and exotic planting schemes. * Fuchsia ?Hardy Potted Collection? comprises:* Fuchsia ?Alice Hoffman? - Bronze-green foliage contrasts beautifully with a mass of red and white, semi-double flowers. Height and spread:…  More Info

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Fuchsia Hardy Collection

…their reliable flowering and good, bushy habit. Thanks to selective breeding, there are so many colour combinations and shapes of fuchsia to choose from, you're really spoiled for choice! This collection comprises of: Fuchsia ?Shrimp Cocktail?, Fuchsia ?Dollar…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Deluxe Giant Marbled' Collection

…comprises: * Fuchsia 'Purple Rain' - Pink sepals above purple petals with magenta marbling. * Fuchsia 'Flying Scotsman' - White sepals with white marbled magenta petals. * Fuchsia 'Orange King' - Coral-coloured sepals with magenta petals and salmon orange…  More Info

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Calibrachoa 'Million Bells Fuchsia'

…?Million Bells Series? remain as popular as ever, thanks to their superb garden performance. With superior vigour, Calibrachoa 'Million Bells Fuchsia' produce well branched plants with an abundance of trumpet-shaped, hot-pink flowers throughout the summer. The weatherproof…  More Info

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Fuchsia Saver Collection

…40cm (16?). Fuchsia Saver Collection comprises 5 postiplugs each of: * Fuchsia 'Giant Marbled Collection' - Purple Rain, Flying Scotsman, Orange King, Royal Mosaic and Heri Mochara. * Fuchsia 'Giant Trailing Mixed' - Swingtime, Southgate, Dark Eyes, La…  More Info

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Giant-Flowered Fuchsia Collection

This gorgeous Giant-Flowered Fuchsia Collection comprises of ?Deep Purple?, Swingtime?, 'Voodoo?, ?Holly?s Beauty? and ?Peachy? varieties, all of which have large, exotic flowers, up to 10cm (4in) across. They grow on long trailing stems, making these plants perfect for growing in…  More Info

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Fuchsia Colour Collection (Hardy)

…in mixed borders, woodland gardens, and cottage garden planting schemes. Fuchsia Hardy Collection contains 1 x 10.5cm pot each of:* Fuchsia ?Alice Hoffman? - Bronze-green foliage makes an attractive backdrop for its mass of red and white flowers. Height and…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Hardy Collection'

Hardy fuchsias are always popular for their showy display of dangling blooms that lasts the whole summer long. Our Fuchsia ?Hardy Collection? brings together 4 well respected varieties that will guarantee a magical display. With their bushy, upright habit, they are perfect…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Fuchsita' Collection

…pots, or brighten up a window box where you can see them all day long! Height and spread: 30cm (12). Fuchsia 'Fuchsita' Collection comprises:* Fuchsia 'Fuchsita Pink-Violet'* Fuchsia 'Fuchsita Candy'* Fuchsia 'Fuchsita Red-Lavender'* Fuchsia  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Jollies Nantes'

…sepals over a particularly long period. The ball shaped blooms of Fuchsia 'Jollies Nantes' appear throughout the summer and autumn seasons. A lovely compact specimen for a patio container or planted at the front of mixed borders. Height and spread: 40cm (16). Culinary…  More Info

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Fuchsia Trailing Pre-Planted Patio Pot

…in the garden this year, then take a short cut to a fabulous display with this pre-planted patio pot. Each pot is filled with a mix of elegant trailing Fuchsias that will quickly spill over the sides of each pot to give a voluptuous display of pendant, dangling blooms…  More Info

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Phygelius 'Colorburst Collection'

Phygelius 'Colorburst Collection? brings together a vibrant mix of these exotic South African natives. Their pendulous blooms dangle from upright stems throughout the summer making colourful, long-lasting patio plants. Give them some winter protection and they will return year after…  More Info

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Phygelius 'Pheeges Festive Orange'

…the upright stems of the striking Cape Fuchsia are decorated with delicate lantern blooms of coral orange. Although Phygelius hail from the exotic climes of South Africa, they are surprisingly hardy in the milder regions of Britain. They thrive in mixed herbaceous…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Pre-Planted Hanging Basket

…them and wait! Our Nurseryman?s Choice pre-planted hanging basket will be chosen from favourites such as Fuchsia Trailing Mix, Begonia Apricot Shades, Petunia Frills & Spills, Geranium Balcon Mix and more. To allow us to offer you such a good price, we can't…  More Info

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Calibrachoa 'Million Bells' Collection

…these hard working, vigorous annuals spill from planters on cascading stems, to deliver a weatherproof diisplay that will be the envy of all your neighbours. Plant them together as a collection or alongside fuchsias and pelargoniums for a dazzling mixed display.…  More Info

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