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Fruit For Hanging Baskets

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Cranberry 'Pilgrim'

Your own juicy cranberries! These plants are specially bred for yielding fruit with a sweet flavour and well-being benefits. They are very hardy and have attractive trailing evergreen foliage. Try them in a hanging basket! Supplied in 9cm pots.  More Info

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Basket Ball Hanging Feeder

…garden with the suet fat ball feeder. Constructed from plastic, this feeder is perfect for holding suet fat balls, cheese, fruit and even high in saturated fat kitchen leftovers. This versatile feeder is great for enticing a large variety of birds into your…  More Info

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Chempak® Clematis Food

…absolutely necessary for plant growth, providing the right nutrition at the right time. Chempak® Clematis Food is the perfect fertiliser feed for all your climbing plants - excellent for clematis, honeysuckles, hanging baskets, bedding plants,…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Mount Everest'

for trailing out of hanging baskets, window boxes and flower pouches, Strawberry 'Mount Everest' can also be trained up a climbing frame or obelisk for easy picking - and for a real talking point in your garden! This ever-bearing variety produces…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Sweet Sensation'

…variety produces up to 1.2kg of glossy, red fruits per plant and with flushes of crops from June to October is a great way to extend the strawberry season. Strawberry 'Sweet Sensation' is perfect for growing in patio containers, window boxes and hanging   More Info

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Blackberry 'Black Cascade'

…autumn fruit then we have the perfect plant for you. Blackberry ?Black Cascade? I s a brand new variety that has been specifically bred so that it will grow comfortably in a hanging basket yet will still produce a crop of up to 1.3 kg of fruit  More Info

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…a simple, controlled release for the most incredible harvest. Incredicrop' is specially formulated to increase fruit and vegetable harvest using a unique double nitrogen technology. The easy-to-use slow-release controlled granular feed is safe for use on all…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Mini Stars' F1 Hybrid

…great for packed lunches and summer BBQs. It can be grown either in a greenhouse, or outdoors, in a vegetable garden, or as part of a container garden, on a patio or decking area. The mini cucumbers are best harvested at 10cm (4) for the freshest flavour. If picked…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Dominica' F1 Hybrid

…a good crop of long cucumbers, with thin skins, that are perfect for summer salads. This variety has great' resistance to powdery mildew. We've selected rootstocks from vigorous performers and matched them with the best fruiting varieties to bring you the best…  More Info

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Favourite Fruit Tree Collection

Create a mini orchard in your own garden and enjoy a wonderful selection of fresh fruits for years to come! Supplied as a one year old, 1.2m ? 1.5m high, bare root 'whip' plant with no branches. This makes them easy to plant and quick and easy to establish.* Collection…  More Info

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