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Fritillaria imperialis 'Collection'

…moles and rodents. Supplied as bulbs.* Collection comprises:* Fritillaria imperialis 'Maxima Lutea' ? An RHS AGM variety producing crowns of bright yellow, bell-shaped flowers. Height: 1.5m (5'). Spread: 30cm (12).* Fritillaria imperialis - An RHS AGM variety, producing dramatic crowns of scarlet…  More Info

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Fritillaria meleagris 'Spring Bells'

…with this lovely mix of Fritillary. Their nodding blooms make a mesmerising display when naturalised in borders, gravel gardens and rockeries. Fritillaria 'Spring Bells' is a charming colour mix which includes our native Snake Head Fritillary. Plant them in dense groups for maximum impact. Height:…  More Info

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Fritillaria imperialis

A monarch among bulbs! Dramatic crowns of scarlet bell shaped flowers are topped with a whirl of leaf like bracts. Just a few of their tall stately stems is sufficient to create a bold display. Ideal for the back of borders where their impressive height can be best appreciated. The foxy aroma of the…  More Info

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Fritillaria meleagris

The nodding bell shaped flowers of Fritillaria meleagris are unmistakeable for their snake skin markings. This British wild flower bulb is now protected and rarely seen in its native meadows, but will always attract attention in a woodland garden, rockery, or naturalised in grass. Height: 30cm (15)…  More Info

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Fritillaria meleagris (Mixed)

A beautiful hardy bulb with white pendant 1½in (4cm) blooms heavily chequered with pink, plum or purple. Snakes's Head Fritillary can be grown in grass and often self seeds to make delightful colonies of nodding bells.  More Info

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Fritillaria 'Orange Beauty'

The most theatrical of spring bulbs, Fritillaria ‘Orange Beauty’ is one of those special plants that puts on a performance to make you gasp! Above whorls of strap-shaped leaves, rise dark, sturdy stems up to 90cm tall, which burst into a crown of pendant orange bells, topped with a spiky…  More Info

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Fresh Spring Bulb Mix

Tulips, Fritillaria, Narcissus and Muscari mingle together to create a riot of spring cheer! This Fresh Spring Bulb Mix has been carefully selected to deliver an uplifting display that will signal the return of warm and sunny days in your garden. Flowering from April to May make the perfect bulb mix…  More Info

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Fritillaria persica

Dark purple-black bells hang ominously from tall flower spikes. The shadowy form of this striking fritillary appears in late spring for an imposing display in borders and alpine gardens. An unusual and statuesque bulb that tolerates hot conditions and dry soils. Height: 100cm (40). Spread: 10cm (4).  More Info

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Fritillaria imperialis 'Maxima Lutea'

…This exotic-looking hardy perennial makes a real statement in borders, where its impressive height is ideal for the back of the border. Plant Fritillaria imperialis 'Maxima Lutea' in groups for a colourful, eye-catching display in late spring. The foxy aroma of the bulbs is also said to deter moles…  More Info

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