Fresh Spring Mix

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Fresh Spring Bulb Mix

…mingle together to create a riot of spring cheer! This Fresh Spring Bulb Mix has been carefully selected to deliver an uplifting display that will signal the return of warm and sunny days in your garden. Flowering from April to May make the perfect bulb …  More Info

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Tulip and Muscari 'Blue and White Mix'

A fresh colour mix of blue Muscari and white Tulips, each striped with apple green! Tulip and Muscari 'Blue and White Mix' brings an elegant, professional display to your spring garden. Plant them en masse for the best effect. Perfect for filling beds and…  More Info

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Bedding Most Scented Collection

Mix' - Vibrant fresh colours with a sweet spring fragrance on vigorous plants. Height and spread: 25cm (10).* Primrose Scented Mix - will delight your senses with its perfumed, vibrant mix of flowers in every shade imaginable. Height and spread:…  More Info

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Kale 'Nero di Toscana'

…leaves. Excellent winter hardiness makes kale a useful winter to spring vegetable at a time when fresh garden produce is scarce. Kale 'Nero di Toscana' can also be used as a baby salad leaf ingredient adding texture and a peppery taste to mixed salads. Height:…  More Info

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Begonia 'Non-Stop Joy Mocca White'

…white flowers, or within a mix of colours. Begonias are very weather tolerant and thrive in both wet and dry conditions. Height and spread: 30cm (12). This product is a half hardy perennial and can successfully be overwintered for use again the following spring if…  More Info

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Ultimate Winter Bedding Collection

…exclusive mix exudes a spring-like perfume even on the coolest of winter days. With a cheery bright colour mix, these pretty pansies bring a bright splash of colour that will continue well into late spring. Height: 23cm (9). Spread: 30cm (12).* 12 x Polyanthus …  More Info

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Lettuce 'Saxo'

…adds a refreshing bite to a sandwich and brings a depth of colour to mixed summer salads. Easy to grow, simply direct sow this variety outside at intervals through spring in borders, troughs of window boxes for a tasty, fresh and nutritious harvest which…  More Info

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Amaryllis Collection

…Hippeastrum varieties included in this Amaryllis Collection are sure to brighten up your home from winter to spring. You can decide when you want these beautiful plants to flower ? winter, spring, early summer. Simply keep cool and dry, until you want to plant them.…  More Info

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