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Trumpet Tree Lily

* Huge trumpets with a freesia fragrance! This elegant Longiflorum Lily makes a magnificent feature in garden borders. Huge white trumpet blooms with lime green throats are produced on robust, towering stems. In midsummer their exquisite freesia -like fragrance will fill your garden with an alluring…  More Info

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Bumper Bulb Perennial Collection 115

…Spread: 30cm (12).* Freesia Single Mixed Colours 100 Corms - a mix of strong solid flower colours for vibrant container displays in the garden or statement cut flower displays in the home. We've stuck with single flowered varieties with this elegant collection of freesia plants, in order to bring…  More Info

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Summer Colour Bundle

…form a carpet of dazzling colour. These spreading woodland perennials create a great profusion of charming blue, pink and white anemone flowers. Freesia Single Mixed (50 corms) - Produced on short, stiff stems that won't need staking and remain proudly upright throughout the growing season. Perfect…  More Info

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Freesia Mixed

Imagine your own supply of these florist favourites! Exquisitely scented, long lasting flowers make freesias perfect for cutting. This attractive mix of colours are charming when dotted through beds and borders - but exceptional when cut for a vase indoors! We heat-treat the bulbs in this mix,…  More Info

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Plant-O-Tray Preplanted Crocosmia & Freesia

…Perfect for creating professional looking containers. Each tray is a circular shape measuring 24cm diameter. Plant-O-Tray Preplanted Crocosmia & Freesia comprises the following: Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ (7 corms) - Tall arching stems drip with fiery red trumpets above crimped, sword-like…  More Info

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Freesia 'Double Mix'

Inhale the heavenly scent of Freesias on the patio or cut for indoor displays with this Freesia ‘Double Mix’. Above clumps of sword-shaped leaves, hover arching sprays of exotic, funnel-shaped blooms. The intricate, double-petalled flowers come in vivid shades of mauve, orange, white,…  More Info

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Plant-O-Tray Preplanted Gladiolus & Freesia

…Plant-O-Tray Preplanted Gladiolus & Freesia comprises the following:* Gladioli ?Charming Beauty? (5 corms) ? tall flower spikes of beautiful pink flowers with a white throat and upright, sword-like foliage. Height: 70cm (28?). Spread: 10cm (4?).* Freesia ?Yellow? (14 corms) - richly perfumed…  More Info

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Summer Bulb Collection

…bulbs that are easy to grow and will create an impressive display in your garden! Collection comprises of the following varieties: Anemone blanda, Freesia mixed, Gladiolus murielae, Ixia mixed and Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'. All these varieties are great for patio pots and borders so you can…  More Info

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Summer Colour Bulb Collection

…colour. Freesia - Exquisitely scented, long lasting flowers in an attractive mix of colours. Lily Oriental Mix - A mix of tropical colours with a wonderful, powerful fragrance 100 mixed bulbs comprises: * 30 x Anemone de Caen* 15 x Acidanthera* 10 x Crocosmia* 15 x Mixed Gladioli* 20 x Freesia* 10 x…  More Info

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Bulb Bumper Pack

…colour with this Bulb Bumper Pack. This versatile selection has something for everyone. Relax on the patio and enjoy the scent and sight of vibrant freesias and towering lilies then enjoy them again indoors as vase displays. Fill baskets with Begonia ‘Cascading Fireball’ and the elegant…  More Info

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Lily 'Trumpet White'

With the exquisite fragrance of freesias, these towering snow white Longiflorum lilies make a refreshing addition to garden borders or large patio containers. Also known as the Easter lily, Lily 'Trumpet White' blooms throughout mid-summer, filling your garden with irresistible sweet fragrance on…  More Info

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