Foxtail Lily

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Eremurus 'Foxtrot'

Add the ?wow factor? to sheltered borders with the towering spires of Eremurus ?Foxtrot?. Better known as the Foxtail Lily, this long-lived perennial sends up magnificent spires of pale pink flowers in summer. The showy blooms are best partnered with grasses or shorter…  More Info

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Foxtail Lily 'Sunbeam'

The impressive stems of the Foxtail Lily tower with stately grandeur in spires of golden yellow starry flowers. An imposing focal point for the back of sunny borders! Partner it with lower growing perennials and grasses to hide the short lived, grey green foliage which dies…  More Info

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Eremurus x isabellinus 'Cleopatra'

This Foxtail Lily is a plant popular with professional garden designers, as it gives height and colour to a border. They are similar in style to Red Hot Pokers, but Foxtail Lillies have wispy multi flowered heads on 1 metre high stems. Eremurus x isabellinus 'Cleopatra…  More Info

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