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Foxglove Mixed

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Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed'

Foxgloves are a classic plant of the 'Country Garden' and loved for their high towers of cone shaped flowers, that look spectacular in garden borders. Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed' are hardy biennial and grow well in full sun, or partial shade, flowering between May and July. These beautiful digitalis…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrid Mixed'

The tall stems of Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrid Mixed' tower over beds and borders with majestic splendour. Beautiful bell shaped blooms with heavily spotted throats crowd the upright stems in shades of mauve, pink, yellow and white. These superb Digitalis hybrids have spectacular garden presence…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrid Mixed'

A most effective and spectacular strain of Foxgloves superb for shady shrub and tree areas, back of borders and excellent for cut flowers. They can really bring the early summer garden alive! Flowers early summer. Height 5ft.  More Info

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Foxglove 'Mountains Mixed' - Kew Collection Seeds

…The Kew Collection and The Kew Urban Garden Collection have been specially selected by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. After the success of Foxglove Candy Mountain, flower breeders have developed this beautiful and striking mixture with the same unique upward facing flowers. Sturdy stems with…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Foxy'

…to borders. Bees love them and you can watch them as they fly up and down the spires, entering the bells to access the nectar. They are good for cutting for indoor vases. Foxglove 'Foxy' is a modern cultivar of the Common Foxglove that is native to Britain. Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 60cm (24).  More Info

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Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrids'

The tall spires of Foxglove ?Excelsior Hybrids? produce delicate bell-shaped flowers with heavily spotted throats in pastel shades of mauve, pink, yellow or white. The uniform spikes with evenly spaced flowers create a spectacular presence at the back of borders and make handsome cut flowers. This…  More Info

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Best Value Perennial Collection

…season. Plant them in bold groups for maximum impact! Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of each of the following varieties: Achillea 'Cerise Queen', Coreopsis 'Golden Joy', Delphinium 'Dark Blue & White Bee', Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed', Echinacea 'Nectar Pink' and Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum'.  More Info

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Perennial Eternal Flowering Collection

…'Mrs Scott Elliott', Coreopsis 'Golden Joy', Delphinium 'Dark Blue & White Bee', Dianthus 'Rockin Red', Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed', Doronicum 'Little Leo', Echinacea 'Nectar Pink', Sweet William 'Sweet Mix', Salvia 'Salvatore Deep Blue', Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy' and Verbena 'Buenos Aires'.  More Info

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Digitalis 'Dalmatian Cream'

Foxgloves are a classic cottage garden plant, thriving in mixed borders and shady woodland spots. Grown as a short-lived perennial or biennial, they look wonderful planted in drifts and left to self-seed, dotting themselves naturally around borders. Digitalis ‘Dalmatian Cream’ is a…  More Info

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Paulownia tomentosa

…garden! Beautiful fragrant, lilac-mauve flowers, which resemble foxgloves, are borne in late spring just before the tree bursts into leaf. The large bright green, slightly hairy leaves are produced on stout upright stems making the foxglove tree a fantastic architectural feature in the garden. This…  More Info

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Clematis All Season Collection

…blooms with slender, reflexed petals and a lovely sweet fragrance. It is perfect for bulking up borders among tall perennials such as Lupins, Foxgloves, and Delphiniums. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 50cm (20). Pruning group: 3. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Mixed'

Foxglove 'Mixed' produces iconic flower spikes from early summer, in a range of harmonious colours. Its tall flowers are great for cutting, adding a strong vertical accent to summer bouquets. An ideal choice for adding height and stature to shaded borders, woodlands and wildlife areas. Height: 120cm…  More Info

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Bee Friendly Perennial Mix

…Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 75cm (30).* Digitalis (Foxglove) 'Dalmation Mixed'foxgloves are magnificent in cottage gardens and woodland borders - but thanks to their uniform branching habit, the statuesque ‘Dalmation Mixed’ make fabulous bedding too! These short-lived perennials…  More Info

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Best Value Perennial Collection

…Achillea 'Cerise Queen', Aquilegia 'Mrs Scott Elliott', Coreopsis 'Golden Joy', Delphinium 'Dark Blue & White Bee', Dianthus 'Rockin Red', Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed', Doronicum 'Little Leo', Echinacea 'Nectar Pink', Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw', Salvia 'Salvatore Deep Blue', Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy' and…  More Info

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