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Venus Fly Trap

…swamps of south-east USA this is one of the most popular carnivorous plants. The Venus Fly Trap lures its insect victims onto it's 'traps' with the promise of nectar, before snapping shut around the insect, trapping it in a leafy prison. This intriguing…  More Info

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Greenhouse Fly Catchers

Reduce flies in your greenhouse by using these Greenhouse Fly Catchers. Simply hang them up in areas of your greenhouse, and they will start catching flies. Biodegradeable fly traps with reusable hanging hooks. (Pack of 5)  More Info

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Zero In Flea Killer Refill Pack 3 Sticky Discs and 2 Spare Lamps

The Buzz Fly Catcher Bait Refill is for the innovative Zero In Flea Killer, that mimics the warmth of an animal to attract fleas to it. They get then trapped on the sticky discs. The sticky pads are non toxic and poison free, so they are safe to use indoors, near animals and…  More Info

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