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Clematis Fertiliser

…specially blended Clematis fertiliser. This slow release plant feed is so easy to use - simply mix it into the soil when planting. The fertiliser will provide all the essential nutrients that your Clematis will need for a full season of growth and a fabulous display…  More Info

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Incredibloom® Fertiliser

…4 times more flowers and foliage that is healthy and vigorous. Just add to your compost when you are potting up your plants and your plants will be looking fabulous all season long - great value! N:P:K - 14-5-19 + (2MgO+22S03) with micro nutrients. Useful links: How to use …  More Info

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Peony Fertiliser

…specially blended Peony fertiliser. The slow release granules can simply be added to the soil at the time of planting. Over a full growing season they will release all the nutrients that your plants require to produce healthy growth and promote a superb display of flowers…  More Info

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Busy Lizzie Fertiliser

This unique plant food,blended especially for your Busy Lizzies and New Guinea Impatiens, promotes strong, healthy growth and successful flowering month after month.  More Info

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incredibloom® and incredcrop® duo

…need to enjoy 400% more flowers, fruit and veg. Incredibloom®A ground-breaking innovation in premium fertilisers. It guarantees that your plants will be fed the correct nutrients as and when they need them. The controlled slow release sets new standards in   More Info

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Chempak® Clematis Food

…Clematis Food is the perfect fertiliser feed for all your climbing plants - excellent for clematis, honeysuckles, hanging baskets, bedding plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables, dahlias, houseplants, gladioli, ornamental trees, begonias, fuchsias and geraniums. Useful…  More Info

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Baby Bio Houseplant Drip Feeder

…to a month. Simply cut off the tip off the dripper and insert the cut end into the soil. The fertiliser will provide an uninterrupted supply of nutrients to promote healthy growth and brighter flowers. p>Baby Bio House Plant Drip Feeders are suitable for use with all…  More Info

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Citrus Tree 'Complete Collection'

…750g pack of new incredicrop® slow-release fertiliser - for up to 400% more fruit! Making lovely patio plants and adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden, citrus trees have glossy evergreen leaves and clusters of highly fragrant flowers. The citrus…  More Info

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Chempak High Potash Feed - Formula 4

…your summer bedding, tomatoes and vegetables well fed all season. The high potassium content and seven essential trace elements ensure better flowers and bigger crops. This fully soluble formula will start to work instantly. (N:P:K - 15-15-30 + trace elements) Useful links:…  More Info

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Clematis Duo Collection

…'Advent Bells' - Clematis ?Advent Bells? is an exciting cross between C. napaulensis x C. cirrhosa ?Freckles?. Flowers emerge in November through to January. Each nodding flower is creamy white with the inside heavily speckled with red. This strong growing winter…  More Info

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5-a-day Fruit and Vegetable Collection

…round with elegant white flowers in spring, and colourful foliage set against red stems in the winter. Blueberry 'Bluecrop' is perfect for a smaller garden or a large pot on the patio. Blueberry 'Elliot' A leading late cropping variety, Blueberry 'Elliot' boasts white   More Info

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