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Nordman Fir Tree

Most commonly known as the favourite fir tree to use as a Christmas tree, Abies nordmanniana, or the Nordmann Fir, is and evergreen conifer which can grown in excess of 30m if left. New growth starts out an attractive light green before it matures to match the…  More Info

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Bumper Bulb Perennial Collection 115

…(14). Spread: 15cm (6).* Begonia Double Upright Mixed 5 Tubers* Begonia Fringed Mixed 5 Tubers* Korean Fir (Abies koreana) 1 Bare Root- . This captivating evergreen makes a stunning specimen tree for providing plenty of year-round interest. Extraordinary violet-blue…  More Info

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Korean Fir

The Korean Fir makes a captivating specimen tree. From a young age, this stunning conifer produces fairytale, violet-blue cones that sit upright on evergreen branches. The foliage of Abies koreana is much softer and wider than the needles of our native spruces, giving the   More Info

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Concolor Fir Tree

An extremely hardy, yet beautiful fir tree, the concolor fir, is also known as the White Fir and is renowned for its beautiful blue-green foliage that makes it stand out from other firs. Abies concolor also bears cylindrical, yellow/green cones, which…  More Info

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Fraser Fir Tree

…growing fir tree that does not lose it?s needles over time and also has the added bonus of a fantastic pine fragrance too. Abies fraseri, also known as the Fraser fir, maintains a dense habit with a typical conical shape you?d expect from this type of tree.<…  More Info

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Christmas Tree (Abies nordmanniana)

fir makes a wonderful Christmas tree. Holding its strong branches in well-spaced tiers it?s perfect for hanging all your Christmas decs. And unlike the spikey spruce, the soft needles won?t prick small hands so it?s child friendly. Better still, you can put away your…  More Info

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