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Ficus Carica

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Fig (Ficus) Brown Turkey Standard

Our Fig 'Brown Turkey' standard trees are supplied with a small head of branches above a straight single stem to create an attractive standard tree that is ideally suited to growing in patio containers. Specially selected for the UK climate, Fig 'Brown Turkey' is fully hardy and can be grown very…  More Info

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Fig 'Brown Turkey'

Fig 'Brown Turkey' is self fertile and can be grown very successfully outdoors, being fully hardy and specially selected for the UK climate. This popular fig tree produces large crops of sweet, juicy fruits with a deep red flesh under the brown skins, developing in spring and ripening from August to…  More Info

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Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux'

In around 1680 a fig was discovered in the gardens of the palace of Versailles, in France, that was thriving during the cold winter. From this the variety, 'Violette de Bordeaux' was created, and it continues to have great tolerance to colder weather compared to other fig types. The small figs it…  More Info

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Fig 'Brunswick'

An attractive self fertile tree with handsome foliage, that produces a heavy crop of medium sized pear-shaped figs. The green skinned fruits have a delicious, sweet flavour and yellow and red flesh. Fruits develop in spring and ripen from August to September. A second crop often develops in late…  More Info

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Mediterranean Fruit Collection

Mediterranean Fruit Collection will bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your garden. A mix of citrus trees and fig trees, the citrus trees thrive outdoors in the summer months and in the winter should be moved to a heated greenhouse or conservatory. The green figs are a lot hardier and can be…  More Info

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Fig 'Panachee'

Also known as ‘Tiger Fig’ this unusual variety bears brightly striped yellow and green fruit. Although it looks like a modern cultivar it is actually a very old variety dating back to 1668. With their attractive lobed foliage, Figs make a dramatic feature when fan trained against a sunny…  More Info

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Fig 'Osbornes Prolific'

Osbourne’s Prolific certainly lives up to its name – it’s probably the heaviest fruiting fig available and is well suited to cooler, UK climates. From August to September, it bears abundant crops of rich, sweet figs with amber flesh. Self-fertile. With their attractive lobed…  More Info

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Green Fig

Although it may look exotic, the humble Fig is fully hardy and can be grown very successfully outdoors in the UK. You can enjoy crops of sweet, juicy figs from August to September. With their attractive foliage, Figs also make an attractive feature when trained against a sunny wall or grown in a…  More Info

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Fig 'Little Miss Figgy'

This dwarf fig is naturally compact. It boasts all the appeal of its parent cultivar 'Violette de Bordeaux', but at a neat and manageable size! Fig 'Little Miss Figgy' grows to just 1.8m tall making it suitable for the average garden or even for a large patio container. Like all figs, the large,…  More Info

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