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Fatsia Japonica

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Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica is a firm favorite for adding a tropical note to gardens. A fast-growing, low-maintenance shrub, hardy and evergreen. Its architectural value lies in glossy palmate leaves, 45cm (18) wide and weatherproof. This robust and long-lasting shrub is perfect for providing instant impact,…  More Info

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Fatsia 'Camouflage'

Sporting bold, almost tropical looks, Fatsia ?Camouflage? bears large, deeply dissected leaves splashed with green gold. Clusters of globular white flowers in autumn are followed by black berries. This tough and reliable evergreen shrub provides all year-round interest and will lighten dry, shady…  More Info

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Fatsia 'Spiders Web'

The unusual, palmate foliage of Fatsia japonica 'Spiders Web' makes this an attractive, evergreen shrub for a shaded corner. Each leaf is heavily speckled with white markings that spread inwards from the outer edges, to create a unique, frosted appearance. In autumn, it bears creamy white flowers…  More Info

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Fatsia Duo

Fatsia japonica is an invaluable evergreen shrub, providing bold foliage interest throughout the year even in challenging, shaded positions. The dark green form is deservedly popular but a little plain. However, these two stunning varieties prove that evergreens don't have to be boring - both are…  More Info

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Paperplant (House Plant Seeds)

This evergreen shrub is perfectly hardy in UK gardens, but why leave it outdoors when you can enjoy its glossy good looks in your home too! Fatsia japonica, is better known as the Paperplant or Castor Oil Plant. It?s striking, architectural leaves are highly sheened, giving a lush, tropical feel to…  More Info

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