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Fast Growing Hedge

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Lonicera pileata

…Honeysuckle is a low, spreading, evergreen shrub with glossy leaves. The display is enhanced by creamy spring flowers and purple autumn berries. Excellent for low maintenance, compact hedging, plants are fast-growing and easy to trim in summer and autumn. Height: 1m (39).…  More Info

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Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum'

hedges. Golden Privet is also a fabulous addition to mixed borders where it adds foliage interest and the small cream flowers can be allowed to develop, which are attractive to bees and butterflies. Small black berries follow in the autumn which are eaten by birds. Drought…  More Info

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Rowan (Hedging)

…a familiar sight in gardens or growing in hedgerows and quite rightly so. The Mountain Ash is fast growing once established and will tolerate being clipped back regularly as this will encourage it to branch out and thicken it's habit - perfect for a hedge!<…  More Info

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Ligustrum ovalifolium

…shrubs you can grow. Oval-shaped rich green leaves create a dense covering and are the perfect backdrop to the small creamy summer flowers, which are attractive to bees and butterflies. Small black berries follow in the autumn which are eaten by birds. Drought-resistant,   More Info

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Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine'

…leaves, which produce their best colour when grown in full sun. This compact Golden Privet is fast growing with a neat habit that reaches little more than 1.2 metres (4?) at maturity. It makes a superb low hedge and responds well to pruning, making a great…  More Info

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Alnus cordata

…a hedging species. Valued for its ability to cope with a range of challenging growing conditions, it is tolerant of exposed coastal gardens, pollution, poor, compacted, or high pH soils, drought and waterlogging. Fast-growing and wind-tolerant, it’s an excellent…  More Info

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Hedera helix 'Woerner'

…leaves with light yellow veins, Hedera helix 'Woerner' is perfect for disguising eyesores or growing a living screen. Ivy screens provide security and privacy, whilst being much faster growing than hedges and requiring little maintenance. The clusters of small…  More Info

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Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens'

…a versatile, robust variety of Privet, look no further than the Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens'. This hardy shrub can be pruned into an evergreen hedge which provides a dark backdrop for feature plants. Alternatively, it makes an attractive free-standing plant, especially in…  More Info

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Larix decidua

…is valued for its glorious autumn colour, the needles turning golden yellow before falling. Larix decidua is a large, fast-growing tree suited to hedging or as a specimen tree in big gardens. In spring, the needle-like foliage emerges bright green and attractive pink…  More Info

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Norway Spruce

…conifer that is ideal for evergreen hedging. It is a familiar conifer, being the most common Christmas tree species in the UK! Glossy, dark-green needles are accompanied by long, pendulous light brown cones in summer and autumn. Low maintenance and easy to grow,  More Info

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Thuja plicata 'Atrovirens'

This fast growing conifer boasts attractive, reddish-brown bark and aromatic, rich green foliage which hangs gracefully in drooping sprays. Thuja plicata 'Atrovirens' makes an excellent alternative to Leylandii as this conical tree is slower growing but still produces…  More Info

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Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky'

…Winky' is no exception, it is fast-growing but with a compact size and so ideal for small garden situations, such as for training as flowering hedging or in large pots on a patio. The eye-catching 40cm (16) panicles are made up of star-like florets, which first open cream…  More Info

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Fast Growing Hedging Collection

This collection of quick growing hedging plants will produce an attractive screen in just a few years. Specially selected to create a mixed hedge that will establish quickly and provide privacy and security, as well as plenty of seasonal interest. The spring catkins of…  More Info

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Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Clone'

…evergreen shrub. Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Cl'ne' is an easy to grow, fast to establish plant that will need very little attention once it is in your garden. Ideal for planting in a shrubbery, at the back of a border or even as part of a hedge, Silverberry has…  More Info

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