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Fast Growing Evergreen

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Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica is a firm favorite for adding a tropical note to gardens. A fast-growing, low-maintenance shrub, hardy and evergreen. Its architectural value lies in glossy palmate leaves, 45cm (18) wide and weatherproof. This robust and long-lasting shrub is perfect for providing…  More Info

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Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens'

…for a versatile, robust variety of Privet, look no further than the Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens'. This hardy shrub can be pruned into an evergreen hedge which provides a dark backdrop for feature plants. Alternatively, it makes an attractive free-standing plant, especially…  More Info

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Ligustrum ovalifolium

evergreen shrubs you can grow. Oval-shaped rich green leaves create a dense covering and are the perfect backdrop to the small creamy summer flowers, which are attractive to bees and butterflies. Small black berries follow in the autumn which are eaten by birds.…  More Info

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Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum'

…Privet, Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum' is a resilient and easy to grow evergreen shrub with yellow leaves, marked green in the centre. A dense growth habit and tolerance to pruning make this striking Privet an excellent choice for evergreen hedges. Golden…  More Info

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Hedera hibernica (Large Plant)

Hedera hibernica, also known as Atlantic or Irish Ivy, is a fast-growing, easy to care for, versatile climbing shrub. Its glossy green evergreen leaves grow all year round in both light or shade, while its aerial roots mean it can climb up walls, fences, sheds and trees. It…  More Info

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